Ranking the College Basketball Coach of the Year Candidates - Stadium

I guess Jeff Goodman likes our current coach…

I asked a few people last night through pm (was waiting until after the KY game to ask the board) if Muss was in COY consideration.

Warren Nolan has both us and AUB with very good final records. AUB 31-0 and us at 28-3. What I’d be interested in, is both schools end up with those records, would Pearl get it because AUB is undefeated or would Muss get it for the incredible job he did (pre season prediction of 15-16 and finishing 28-3).

Dunno…I was shocked to see Muss outside of the Top 10 in that list. He talks about teams being picked low in their conference and how they’re doing. Well, we were picked 11th in the 14 team SEC and - so far - are far exceeding that with a roster that’s dramatically different than what everyone thought it would be 6-7 months ago…thanks to the hard work by Muss and his staff.

You are correct he could have been higher. But he wouldn’t have put Mike on that list if we were 15 - 0.

He wouldn’t Put CMA on the list if he went undefeated and won the NC!
The integrity issue for the Baseball hall of fame keeping Pete Rose our but look at all these dirt bags like Pearl and the way the pundits suck up to them like their so great! Pearl is a lying cheat!

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