Ranking and RPI updates?

When will we get updated info?

D1Baseball: Still 3rd
RPI: Up from 5 to 4 (this is the real RPI, not the Warren Nolan version)
Others aren’t out yet

On the RPI, you can take any of them. They all use the same formula. The only issue might be interpretations on neutral site versus home. The non-NCAA guys can usually figure that out to match the NCAA view.

I would not worry about the RPI from this point forward. Lots of strong RPI games left. Nothing you do in the SEC will hurt you, plus you have Texas Tech left as two non-conference games.

Thanks for the info!
Still looking strong!
Curious though. Where is Ole Miss?
There is a lot of conversation that they are the the best team, behind Fla.
really don’t care what others say. If we take care of our business we will be right where we want to be when all is said and done. Winners of the West!

Yeah, I looked at the schedule yesterday and was kind of shocked. Missery St tomorrow (they were ranked 19 last week). TT (#5). Then finish the season with #19 LSU, #16 aTm, #23 GA. That’s a definite resume builder schedule to end the season. (Not forgetting Bama and the other MSU).

Rebnecks are 6th in RPI and 11th in the coaches’ poll after losing the series at Vandy.

Baseball America is out now. Hogs are 4th. Vandy is 6th, OM is 7th. UK is 9th. Meaning the SEC has half of the top 10. And the Corndogs are 18th.

Coaches poll is out now. Wallets 1, Hogs 3, Rebnecks 7, Jellycats 9, Vandy 12, Aggies 14, Jawja 19, Corndogs 21, Auburn 25.

Boyd Nation’s RPI Needs feature is pretty interesting, and gets updated every day. He basically looks at the RPI of a whole lot of schools, along with their remaining schedules, and what they would need to make the NCAAT (top 45 RPI), get a 2 seed (top 32), host (top 16) or host a super (top 8), with the caveat that the committee may not stick strictly to RPI as its measuring stick.

Right now, we’re pretty much a top 45 lock; one win in our remaining 18 games. Three wins would be top 32. Seven wins would be top 16. And 8 or 9 wins would be top 8. Play .500 ball for the last six weeks and get to host twice; what a deal!

He has Florida as a top 32 lock already, 4 wins for top 16 and 6 wins for top 8.


Play .500 ball for the last six weeks and get to host twice; what a deal!

He has Florida as a top 32 lock already, 4 wins for top 16 and 6 wins for top 8.

[/quote]The Hogs have only played two SEC teams that are in the top 9 of the SEC pitching ERA, and they lost those two series against the Gators and Ole Miss. Of course this also means that the Hogs winning series have been against the poorest pitching staffs in the SEC (a scary thought as USCe looked pretty good). The Hogs last five SEC series just happen to be against 5 of those 6 “better pitching” schools and three of those 5 series are on the road (it also looks like MSU is improving). Going 500 the rest of the way will not be a walk in the park.

Swine, this is essentially an update to a post on the same subject I made here last week.


Yes, I know.