Rank These Hog Coaches in Order....

Jack Crowe, Danny Ford, Bret Bielema based on their performance at Arkansas only.

I’ll provide more rationale later re: my rankings later, but for now:

  1. Ford

  2. Crowe

  3. Bielema

Shocking! :smiley:

You made your point, but I don’t think it’s the point you intended to make.

Don’t understand why you would rank CBB so low. Didn’t you think he was a pretty good guy who worked hard and tried to market our program?

Just didn’t work out.

  1. Ford - inherited a program largely devoid of SEC talent and even a basic understanding of how to compete much less win in the SEC ( inferior facilities, etc.) He assembled a staff that evaluated very well ( hello Jim Washburn) and by the time he departed Fayetteville left Nutt with a team with quite a bit of talent - Kennedy, McLain, Caver, Hill, Lucas, Smith, Hale, Eubanks, Stoerner, etc- that was also mentally tough. A true, ground up rebuild that built a solid foundation to compete in the SEC.

  2. Crowe - I’d give him an I rather than an F. The first year of course, like Bielema’s first year, was a disaster resulting from poor recruiting the previous two cycles. He then bounced back somewhat the next year but the injury to Allen derailed mid season Cotton Bowl aspirations. The Citadel loss merely accelerated his inevitable demise due to our inability to compete in the SEC as described above. Arkansas was in no way - talent, facilities, commitment - ready to compete in football in the SEC in 1992. It was like sending a man in to battle with a squirt gun.

  3. Bielema - While the John L debacle was harmful, Bielema still inherited a program with a considerable amount of SEC talent and one that had won big in 2011 and 2012 and with much better facilities than Ford or Crowe had - Allen, JWill, Chris Smith, Swanson, Flowers, Herndon, Philon, etc.

Rather than building a program strong on the lines of scrimmage as he promised and a program that was mentally tough, he instead left Chad with a program historically bad on the lines of scrimmage and mentally weak/fragile as evidenced by repeated 4th quarter collapses, more SEC 30 point + blowouts, etc. After all of Petrino’s defensive recruits left ( Philon, Flowers, Wise, Mitchel, etc.) what was left was defensive talent as bad as I’ve ever seen at Arkansas. Physically lacking in talent and mentally weak is the situation Morris inherited.

In short, Bielema did not leave Morris with a program slightly down and in need of a spark ( see 1998) but rather one as bad as any time since 1990 and resembling a program coming off probation from a talent standpoint.

The real debate is between Bielema and Otis Douglas as the worst Arkansas coach post WWII.

Did Ford’s team not play for the SEC Championship?

Can’t wait to see your ranking and accompanying rationale.

  1. Ford - 26-30-1 - won an SEC Western Division Championship, rebuilt the talent base, passed off a pretty good group to HDN

  2. Bret Bielema - 29-34 - also did some rebuilding, the last 15 games (5-10 after being 24-24) were not good and set a narrative. But the 21-16 stretch at one point was pretty good before losing some great assistants land replacing them with" assistants to assistants" from the NFL.

  3. Jack Crowe - 9-15, lost to the Citadel, never thought he was in control of his team, one of the worst times for disciplinary problems and academic concerns. Right up there with John L’s short tenure in my eyes.

I did mine before reading your synopsis over.

I’ll just say I wasn’t surprised with your rankings because of your sheer hatred of the dude.

Won’t quibble with putting Crowe last as he did a poor job.

Putting my feelings aside, do you deny Bielema “gifted” Morris a train wreck in terms of talent and mental toughness? Do you disagree the rebuild is of gargantuan proportions? As far as him losing coaches also don’t forget about the talent drop off after the best of the Petrino studs and his first class departed…weak.

Ford left the place better than he found it and Bielema essentially put us on probation sans the scholarship reductions.

I guess that 4-8 record in 2012 was winning big, lol. Your agenda is showing through, although I don’t think you care.

As I have said and written many times - and just did in my rankings - I thought CBB did a good job improving the program over his first 48 games before the disaster that was the last 15 games. Should have been 9-4 and instead went 7-6 and then the thing blew up because of lack of recruiting and roster management.

I’ve never said his tenure should be considered great - or even very good - overall, but I did see improvement from the time he took over to halftime of the 2016 Missouri game.

As for this:

The real debate is between Bielema and Otis Douglas as the worst Arkansas coach post WWII.

I just think that is over-reaching just because you don’t like CBB.

John L., Jack Crowe, Joe Kines (a man I really respected as an assistant), Otis Douglas, Glen Rose, Bowden Wyatt and even Reggie Herring’s one game bowl loss come to mind.

I hope our present coach wins the National Championship, however, I could have won more than two games as coach last year.

I’ll concede that Beilema left morris with a mess. A bad, bad situation. Morris is going to get an opportunity to rebuild it. His boss knows that mess. My feelings with Morris are akin to your feelings with Beliema, albeit I like morris to some extent. I don’t really have any expectations at all. I’ll give morris all the excuses he wants. It doesn’t matter to me. At the end of the day he’s on the clock. He’ll either accomplish it or he won’t. I think he’ll accomplish more than Beliema did, but I don’t think he’ll reach the success here in the time that most fans and his boss will expect. He’ll do what CMA did in my opinion. His problem is he’s got the hammer down in a griswold station wagon.

I’m not sure about that with the bunch they had last year.

It was a year when the buy in was not good from the players that were left around, most of whom are no longer around.

I don’t look at interim coaches such as Kines, John L, or Herring the same way I do a permanent head coach. Their ability to control their own destiny is limited… not their players and not their staff.

If you have a poor opinion about Bowden Wyatt’s time at Arkansas your knowledge about Razorback football is different than mine. The 25 Little Pigs helped lay the foundation for what Frank built on.

PS You never directly answered my question - do you think Morris inherited a train wreck - a program devoid of talent and enough mental toughness to compete?

I thought I answered it with a lot of words which basically mean this…YES.

The good thing is, we have to get better. But it was sure tough this past season.

As for Bowden Wyatt, he had one really good year in his two years, but 11-10 in his two years. That puts him in the discussion both ways.

If we are going to count what the coaches did when they were not here, then you have to include CBB’s 68-24 at Wisconsin.