Randy Ross political tweets

Does anyone besides me have a problem with Randy Ross, a member of the Arkansas football staff, tweeting about politics? I noticed this a long time ago and started to post about it then but decided not to. Frankly, I am surprised that Coach Morris would allow a member of his staff to make political tweets. I say this because Coach Morris is very recruiting focused and other schools will use ANYTHING against another school in recruiting. Also, I understand if a member of the media does not want to ask Coach Morris about this in a press conference setting, but I would be interested in him being asked about this privately.

I’d never looked at his Twitter feed (or been aware of him in any way) so I went and took a look. I don’t see anything political from last December on. A lot of religion, but no politics.

Not sure what my stance on it is.

If he did post a lot of political things, whether I agreed with him or not (no clue his stance on anything), it’s his right to do so. So that part id have no problem with.

But, now if it was an issue with recruits or players then yeah he shouldn’t. But then again… if it’s an issue maybe that’s just a microcosm if society today.

Probably not a good idea to, but he’s not an on field coach, or recruiting out and about.

I’d have more of a problem if say Mark Smith or Ron cooper we’re constantly posting political things because chances are it would be hurting them with atleast some recruits.

My original post should have been more specific. I believe most of his political stuff is either “likes” or retweets of clearly political tweets. A person posted a very Pro-Trump tweet yesterday and Randy Ross “liked” it. I stopped following hm at one time because I got tired of all of his political stuff. It is very, very tone deaf to me for a person in the football program’s recruiting department to have so much political stuff on twitter.

Anyone who goes to twitter deserves what he gets.

Randy is the Director of Football Operations for the Razorbacks. If you go to his twitter page and click on “likes” you will see an endless stream of political posts that he “liked”. A recruit could believe that if a member of the staff feels so strongly about those political posts that they are “liking” them, then said recruit might think that the rest of the staff feels the same way. Maybe I am being too sensitive but I just believe that it is a bad look and completely tone deaf.

Thank you Pigginout, for bringing Ross’s tweets to my attention.

I just read over a year’s worth of his tweets and he seems like a delightful man. Very upbeat and happy. Not one negative word.

I’ll definitely be following him from now on.

He isn’t involved with recruiting, besides to support Morris, don’t follow him if you don’t like it. I’m sure Morris follows him and knows what he puts out there.

You get tired of all his political stuff, you mean his likes?

You’re being too sensitive.

Nothing tone deaf or wrong with supporting the president, whether you like him or not. I always support them regardless of how I feel about them.

Some positive isn’t so bad, there’s enough negative.

Also went and checked his profile out now.

Also gave him a follow.

Seems like a great guy. Has his opinions and doesn’t blast them all over the place, he just likes posts, nothing wrong with that. Especially if I agree with them, lol.

His “likes” are not just about “supporting the president”. But that is fine. My original post asked if it bothered anyone else. Maybe I’m the only one. I still don’t agree with what he does. But if nobody else is bothered by it then so be it.

This won’t be popular (apparently), but I’m with you. It’s NOT about whether I, you, or anyone supports Trump or doesn’t. it’s about alienating recruits (or their parents) those who might find support for or against a high-profile politician off-putting.

Does he have a right to like and comment as he sees fit? Certainly, he does. Does it have the potential to affect recruiting (and, I’ll point out - this goes both ways)? Yes, it does.

I’m not a twitter person, but that’s neither here nor there. Recruitable kids, by and large, are - almost 100% of them. For that reason, if it were my coaching staff, I’d have them steer away from any political commentary/likes on their twitter accounts.

I don’t think the OP is concerned about how you feel. He is worried about the recruits. And you very well know what the the opinion poll is for 16-20 age group and minorities. Whether you like it or not, a large number of players are from a minority group.

Nothing good can come from staff posting, liking, or retweeting anything political.Doesn’t matter for or against!

I’m 23, I probably have a better idea of the opinion poll 16-20 than you, or atleast most around here idk how old you are.

While it may be a big deal to some… of say the overwhelming majority of 16-20 yos are not invested in politics and probably don’t really care. I didn’t care when I was going into college or in highschool. Regardless of race, which I think is pretty irrelevant in this anyway.

I said, if it was someone who was heavily invested in recruiting for us, than sure I can see the issues that could come from it. I said I wouldn’t be too thrilled with the idea of someone like Mark Smith or Ron cooper doing it because sure it will be off putting to atleast some recruits.

But he’s not directly involved with recruiting, so I don’t have a huge problem with it, unless it becomes a problem. I highly doubt his likes have had any impact on players potentially coming to school here.

You have to learn how to deal with people who have different opinions on things at some point in life.

It bothers me and I plan to send a note to the AD and HC about it - supporting a President - from your U of A affiliated account - that just today retweeted tweets from three far right, borderline white supremacists is a problem. Especially when the majority of your recruits are African American… not smart.

Mr. Ross at a minimum needs to state in his bio that his tweets, retweets, and likes are his opinions only and do not represent the opinions of the University of Arkansas or the Arkansas football program. Better yet he needs to have a second account if he wants to spend the day liking tweets from or about David Duke’s favorite POTUS.

Oh dear god.

I couldn’t imagine being so dense.

This was cordial I felt like until then.

I’m out, was a good conversation for the most part though.

While you’re at it, tell them you’re concerned about many of our coaches making their religion known, through tweets and likes on their UofA affiliated account.

Why are you out…snowflake?:sunglasses:

Just kidding… is a good conversation. What about my post was inaccurate or not cordial? David Duke has said Trump is his favorite President ever and Trump did retweet tweets today from three far right lunatics. Go check it out.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.co … d-duke-kkk

Mixing politics and sports is not a good idea…Ask Lou Holtz. He found out the hard way.

Because board rules prohibit talk about politics, and you quickly made a discussion about the concern of political tweet liking by a staff member, which was kept apolitical for the most part, to very political, and extremely ignorant.

If you can point to anything in my post that’s inaccurate I’ll delete it.

You can’t :grinning: