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is exactly what I was trying to get at a couple of weeks ago when I was asking Clay what other coaches were saying about the simplicity of our schemes. Other coaches in the SEC have come out and said how easy the Razorbacks were to prepare for. Maybe CCM and the staff thought that was all the players could execute, or maybe they just couldn’t coach and develop to a higher level. I do think Steve Caldwell is a heck of a football coach but not so much for the others that joined with CCM. CBL did a good job with the tight ends so I hope he is retained.

Randy Ramsey (Arkansas LB, 2014-18), after Saturday’s game

“These coaches talking like they have CTE. Only thing needed to be fix was that defense of scheme from 1857. How you do run the same defense year in and year out with no tweaks and you been in the same conference almost your whole coaching career.”

“This is beyond me. I’m speaking out Cause these people had me playing 3Tech on most calls last year. That should explain the coaching right there.”

ADG printed several tweets this a.m. None strongly supported CCM. Some were pretty critical.

Some were cryptic, which is what worries me.

I sure wish someone would/could explain why the defense was so bad. Was it all coaching? Are the players just not good enough/fast enough?

Was everything based on Chavis’ sets and formations and assignments?

Watching receivers simply run by DB’s as if they were invisible? Over and over? How? Why?

Smith and Agim looked formidable and had moments. But then the whole line seemed to disappear at times.

Linebackers rushed into empty holes and RB’s just juked right past them. Not a safety in sight.

If it was all on the DC, could other coaches like Caldwell not have some input?

A lot of people have expressed the view that the defense just quit. Laid down. I don’t know how to know if that’s right, but I did see a lack of effort a lot of the time.

One of the reasons I think they quit. Saw it happen last year (most noticeable to me was the 2nd half of the CSU game and N Texas game last year, and SJS and WKU this year).

I’m disappointed that they didn’t play for pride, if nothing else. Getting run over and away from over and over has got to just suck. And some guys kept playing the hearts out.

I love Sosa… but I looked up his tackle stats for the season after I noticed what appeared to be a lack of effort Saturday, and I was shocked. I know bottling things up in the middle is his job, but he has recorded 2 tackles or less in 4 games… and he might be our best over-all talent on D.

Chavis should bear the brunt of the responsibility, but the DC can’t make tackles from the booth (or the sidelines).

Yes, if you go back and rewatch Saturday (if you can stomach it), you’ll see Curl flying all over the place, but there are others that weren’t close to his level of participating.

I’m the one that gathered the tweets. I looked around and best I could tell only Starkel said anything positive. I could’ve missed others but that surprised me.

Starkel has been in the ear of the guys playing on offense all year. Seems like a real team player still looking to be a big part of next year.

I noticed on one of the plays late, KJ came to the side line and Starkel met him and started talking to him, looked like he was trying to explain something about what the D was doing

It was obvious that WKU was not the least bit intimidated by Arkansas defense on Saturday. They went for 1st down on almost every 4th down play & knowing they would succeed against us.

Even though the coaches knew that their jobs were on the line, this team had nothing positive to show on Saturday. We have started almost every game this year totally flat & with no energy - no motivation from the coaching staff.

Even when it was 3rd and 2, we would play 10 yards off the reviewers. Run 3 yards and turn around. 1st down. I can see that being disheartening.

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I noticed that Curl, Foucha & Pool play hard on every down. There were probably a few others (Catalon for sure against WKU), but those 3 stood out to me.

The 4-2 is tough on linemen. Very tough. They must cover at least four of the five offensive linemen. And, ask nickel and safeties to play in space.

No doubt

I think when HY talked today about the players not having fun, that was an oblique way of saying they had quit on CM.

Was there anything from any other active players besides Starkel?

I have gone to the opposing locker room after games this season.

Almost every coach and or player talked about the simplicity of what they were going against in regards to Arkansas’ offense and defense.

That should have come across clearly in the stories I wrote.

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I am not surprised at comments about simpicity,I have said several times that our offense had to be the easiest in the SEC to figure out and Chavis sure has no secrets to share with anybody in the SEC…Glad this trainwreck is over but the mess they left behind will take any coach you can name 2-3 yrs to untangle.I am anxious for new beginnings and with a new fresh culture and ideas but we have so far to climb it will take yrs to do so and that is very to accept but we have no other choice.