Randy Ramsey Hints Coaching the Problem

Ole Randall has of course exhausted his eligibility, but something tells me a bit more purging is yet to come.

A house divided cannot stand

Who knows. This season is over and we turn the page and move on.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to give my thoughts on randy, and what others think.

Randy is as self centered as they come, as bad of a teammate as you can imagine.

It’s only about him, and any and all excuses have always been on the table.

He’s the most unappreciative person you’ll ever be around. Remember, we are talking about a guy who was kicked off the team, allowed back on a team, and then was given another scholarship. But, all he has done consistently is be a cancer to the team, on Twitter he never says anything positive. Loves to post his highlights for the look at me moments.

He bad mouths a program that should’ve never given him a second chance any and every chance he gets. This is not new.

I have never been more happy about a single player graduating than him. I’ve never liked him, and there’s a lot more where that came from.

He’s a former player now, so criticism can be unleashed.

His tweets last year moaning and groaning about everything under the sun were nauseating.

You really just have no idea.

He’s not a well liked guy. He will never make it in life because he’s got such a poor me attitude.

He thinks he was God’s gift to earth instead he was just an undersized below mediocre rush end.

He was always talked up a lot but has no more than two sacks for his whole career… he didn’t have the size or the speed to make a difference in this league

He had the benefit of one of the best DE coaches in the country this year, and he got more than enough chances to showcase his talent in his senior season. So him complaining about coaching is a bit much.

Ramsey had some good moments, mainly when he could use speed and quickness to make plays, But he also disappeared in games, sometimes because running right at him usually erased him (he never gained enough good weight/strength for whatever reason) and sometimes because he had trouble generating high effort consistently.

Perhaps this is another suggestion of lack of buy-in by some of the older players. “I got the skill, you just did not use me right” is a pretty common complaint/excuse in sports, or for that matter a lot of businesses. One way or another, you have to get those attitudes out of your organization.

I don’t know what you can project Ramsey to at the next level. He looked lost doing anything but rushing the passer when they tried to play him as a standup OLB in the past, and he’s too light to play a 4-3 DE in the NFL. Perhaps he can catch on with one of the spring leagues or the CFL and play a few more years.

He doesn’t have a chance at professional football. Scouts will smell the toxicity from a mile away.

Not to mention a quick look at social media will be enough to steer most coaches away.

Best bet is a camp body for about 3 weeks

Brutal honesty can be refreshing and I ain’t talking about Ramsey.

Didn’t we just have a player wish Morris a happy birthday and talk about the turn around coming?

Social media and limited self restraint are a dangerous combination. I don’t know Randy’s character, but from what I have seen, one has plenty of reason to question his.

I think you guys may want to go and look at all his tweets. He made about four or five. If you read all of them, it doesn’t look like he’s blaming the coaches. If you just look at the one it does.

Yeah… he backtracked real quick. There’s no question what he’s talking about.

He’s been around enough to know you shouldn’t bash coaches directly or indirectly and had to attempt to smooth things over. Especially if you want a post college career.

But the true intentions are there and have been for not just this one time.

I had an issue with Twitter earlier and had to reinstall it, but in my timeline, this looked like the last of the tweets, not the first. Was this the first?

This was the first.

You have to look at his mentions to see the bulk. They don’t show up in the timeline.

Nothing new, it’s typical Randy.

His latest one just compared himself to Josh Allen of Kentucky. One of if not the best OLB in the country. I mean come on…

Proceeds to say Josh Allen wouldnt make plays in our Defense

Personally I think he should shut up sometimes, but I am not going to say he’s wrong because I believe the same thing.

preach it…always thought the same

how you feel about him, lol.

I have no inside info at all, but this team ended the season like a lot of them have just as sunny a disposition as Randy’s delightful tweet.


seems very clear now that CCM had a much bigger task with the locker room than it appeared.

Whether it was CBB let the team/locker room become undisciplined or his guys didn’t like the fact he was terminated or a combination of both, CCM faced an almost impossible task to begin.

Tough task ahead…

Steve Caldwell is a great coach and a class guy. I’ll side with him. His past performances are better than Randy Ramsey’s past performances. Everyone recognized Randy’s length and athletic ability. I will say that John Chavis did praise him for one game mid season. It might have been Tulsa. Noted that it was what he hoped and expected from Randy, but I never heard that again. Of course, there were never many plays made. Chavis did say there were times that scheme dictated that a player stay at home and take care of responsibilities, more than rush the passer. He said Randy did that in this particular game. I took that as a probability that he hadn’t done that in other games.