Randy Rainwater evidently believes a new coach is coming

Rainwater is a jerk

Rainwater May be a jerk but I sure wish he would be right on this

Anyone can pile on to appease the masses.

Show a specific plan to success and bet a salary on it - and then give me a call

I think Randy was being sarcastic…

Don’t think so - he’s been very critical of Morris of late.

RR is probably a nice guy, but he does not seem to be a fountain of knowledge. He probably knows someone who knows someone who talked to someone who slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Actually Randy is a very nice guy who is really tolerant of his less than bright callers. He has the patience of Job when compared to the former mini-me Bo Mattingly. I don’t know RR personally. but have listened to him for years. He is not a jerk. After listening to the guy for many, many hours over the years, he is really a decent, nice guy. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but a good dude.

Most of the Arkansas fan base believes a new coach is coming, so it’s not like he is saying something we don’t expect. At this point, most of us would be shocked if a new coach is not hired.
If Morris somehow survives this season to coach next year, logic dictates there are going to be huge changes to his staff.