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Anyone worried about splitting midweek against UALR? Not me. Sometimes a loss is a kick In the butt you need. What a perfect weekend.


Yep. I think their concentration was on the Vols. I saw very little enthusiasm.

I think after scoring 21 on them Tuesday night, they thought they could just ho-hum it and thrash them again. Nope. Don’t work that way. The other team has scholarship athletes too.


I’ll take a weekday loss to a lesser team for an SEC series sweep any time!


Me too but this week it’s one mid week game and I hope we see some young arms on the mound.
Our hugs have a tough road trip to Athens next weekend. Georgia has the pitching and offense to beat anyone. Winning 2 there will
Be rough.

I still don’t like the loss to UALR, but your point is well-taken. We didn’t play all our “A” players & certainly didn’t use our top pitchers. I understand the UALR reliever was either their top one or one of them. Either way, the loss has little to no meaning for the season. If losing to them prompted better focus on TN & led to the sweep, it was worth the loss.

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I don’t think it affected the RPI at all I know for sure the sweep of Tennessee had to help even if it did. Just an incredible weekend by our young team.


Yes they are.
Anybody know the stats of our SS & 2nd baseman. Just wondering what their fielding %, double play stats are? Compared to like last year?

All I know about our defense is we are fourth in the SEC in defense in SEC games at 985 which is a higher clip than we were at at last year.

Moore and Battles made some absolutely incredible highlight reel plays. These guys are not going to do that but they really don’t have to,just make the routine ground ball play and be able to turn two and we are getting much better at that as we saw this weekend.


We are fielding .980 in SEC play. Terrific. That’s championship level. Stovall may have better range than Moore. Hard to believe.

Slavens has been good, too.

Defense has won games as usual under Van Horn.


We are actually Fielding .985 in SEC play which is third in the league…That can win you a lot of games… I just hope we can keep it up.

seconly.pdf (espncdn.com)

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Bolton doesn’t have the range that Batles has! He showed some defense this weekend for sure.
Moore and Battles could make plays you don’t see very often in college ball. Stovall can flash the leather too! Slavens has been an awesome at first. Cali has settled in and make some really nice plays. I still don’t like to see the pop ups down the right field line in foul territory! I wonder why!!


Yeah we are fielding the ball much better but have to make better throws.Slavens has saved us numerous times by digging out low throws.

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His stretch today on the throw by Cali saved at least 1 or 2 bases. That was harder to do that the saving the low one hop throws.


Digging it out is part of it. That’s the case in amateur ball. And in pro ball too. Get it over there. First baseman has to use that big glove.

Yeah I totally understand that but he’s having to use it way too much. I didn’t see the first six innings today …I was watching the Braves play with my family. They appear to be getting better at getting throws there in the air.

Started the week #6, lost to UALR, swept Mustard, finished the week #5. I’d say it didn’t matter.


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