Random thought on coaches this morning

Rutgers hired the coach they. should have hired several weeks ago , only after the fanbase and local high school coaches made it clear that they wanted Greg S. Suspect the AD better polish up the resume.

Tom Herman of the Texass Shorthorns finds him self in same boat as Charlie Strong–good coaches , lot’s talent but cannot beat Oklahoma (and the other upstarts–Baylor, Isu,). Most arrogant fanbase in country. Herman will change staff but probably not matter much as assistants know the drill here.

Kevin Sumlin has another head coach every gotten more for doing less???

Kentucky rolled Louisville with a wide receiver rushing for major yards. Where have we seen this type of coaching adjustment before?

Jim H. at Michigan may not need the wrinkle free khakis much longer. History is not kind to every Michigan coach who cannot beat the Buckeyes.

PJ and the boat at Gopher City took on water but good run while it lasted. Can the Badgers defense shut down the Buckeyes and mess up the playoff matchups?

Saban is going to hire a 1 second clock assistant coach and sign 15 field goal kickers in this class who can run a 4.2 forty as the process works.

Coach O is going to lay some beat downs on teams in coming weeks as respect is earned and Tigers are getting better week to week. Some injured players being held out for games down road as motivation most likely. Interviews with Coach O should be fun to watch.

What are you talking about? They have the SECCG then four weeks off before the playoffs. Earning respect? They’ll make the playoff even if they lose to Georgia, which ain’t gonna happen. They have all the respect they need. May not be able to jump over tOSU for the 1 seed, or maybe they can as Georgia is clearly superior to Wisky as a CCG opponent.

Coach O has a chip on his shoulder from the criticism he got as Ole Miss coach and when he was hired those first two years at LSU. He sees this team as strong chance to win a National Champship and get some vindication in the process.

That is partly why he played the defense late against Arkansas , why the first half was so dominate against TAM when OSU over took the place at top after LSU has played a harder schedule , and why the QB let with 13 minutes let in the game. Further he has two starters ready for the playoff run that he is holding off playing time for off field matters that are difference makers. He is looking to win a National championship to give him the respect that he feels he is due. I get your comments but he is on a mission–not typical LSU approach. Honestly I think he wants to play OSU first.

The only way he plays tOSU first is if LSU loses Saturday. If tOSU loses to Wisky and LSU wins, LSU will be the 1 seed and tOSU probably slips to 3, which means LSU plays someone else. If they both win, they won’t play first either. If they both lose I think they’re both in the CFP but they’d be the 3 and 4.

O only has one chance to lay a beatdown – against Georgia. I don’t expect that. Georgia is too good for a beatdown.

I think there’s a very good chance Utah is the 4 seed, by the way. Unless they screw up and lose to the Ducks. Or unless Georgia wins.