Random "Separated at Birth" thought

Saw a picture today and it struck me how much (at least, in that pic) Casey Martin looks like a young Ringo Starr (Beatles), minus the big nose.

I don’t know how to separate the twin pic of Casey and Heston, so I’m posting it as is.

Again - not saying he looks exactly like Ringo; but in that pic I immediately thought of the old drummer in his younger days.


Indeed, very similar.

I’m glad you posted this. He has been reminding me of someone forever, and I couldn’t come up with it. Now I can relax.


Well here is another candidate. Clint Eastwood’s old movie sidekick Geoffrey Lewis.

I see what you’re talking about - in both cases (your pic and my earlier one of Ringo), it’s the bottom half of the face; particularly, the mouth and lines on the cheeks.

Whichever one was/is his twin brother, Casey obviously sure has aged well! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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