Random musings after a long football watching day...

  • My eyes hurt after watching the Arkansas game. I didn't realize the lack of execution can actually damage the retinas, who knew. :(
  • That punt return even tho legal was bush league. I think it goes against safety of the game, even tho it worked the kid could have been seriously hurt if somebody hit him at full speed.
  • I went to TCU/Ohio State game tonight and it was nice to see 2 high powered offenses and hope the Hogs can have one in the next few years, very entertaining game.
  • I had forgotten about KJ Hill until he caught a few passes and had a nice touchdown grab. I wished he was helping the Hogs today. :(
  • Ohio State fans are not the most attractive people. :shock: I think I knew this from our Sugar Bowl with them but think I purposely put this out of my mind.

I agree with you on the punt return. It put those gunners in a no-win situation. If they hit him, then it looks like they are taking down a defenseless player.

Like coach Morris said you have to play through the whistle and pay attention. UNT return guy never called fair catch

It worked so it will be applauded by the home team fans for scoring a touchdown. Even the player wondered to the media afterwards if he was going to be mauled. He said he finally trusted his coach to try to pull it off. Worked like a charm. I had never seen the play run before and I’m sure it’s in part because few coaches have the guts to put a player in that kind of a position. I guess Grant Morgan should have just hugged him and waited to hear a whistle, even if he thought there had been a fair catch. I would not have wanted to be the one who blasted the kid and was then flagged for hitting a defenseless player.

I remarked out loud in the press box that there was no whistle – even while he stood still. When he took off running, I knew that had been true.

I started thinking about this after that punt return. Would it be illegal to grab the ball from the player’s hand if he had called a fair catch? If that wouldn’t be deemed the same as hitting a returner after a fair catch, I’d have the first guy down there every time simply grab the ball. If the returner tries to run, then you can tackle him even if he has signaled fair catch.

It was a touchdown and give them credit for calling it; however to me it goes against all the new rules for player safety. I hope I don’t see this play again and other teams copying it, if the kid is walking away and gets hit full speed and breaks his neck, I don’t think it will make Sports Center Top 10 for a good hit.

Yep, imo if one of the gunners had launched full-on into him while he was standing there - and especially if he had gotten hurt - there would have been a review and they would have determined the kid did something to signal fair catch whereupon Arkansas would have been penalized. The TV game announcers both in discussing the play felt very strongly this incident would trigger a rules committee review which could result in a player who catches and stands still (doesn’t attempt to advance ball) will be considered fair catch signal.

To me, the answer is obvious. If a receiving player makes no initial effort to advance the ball it is dead.
Just like a kickoff, the receiver does not have to take a knee all he has to do is not try to advance the ball and it is a touchback. They should make the rule on punt receiving the same. That ball would then have been called dead immediately.