Random Hog Hoops Questions

  1. How did the hog staff find Patrick Beverley? Who gets the credit for that fund?

  2. Clay and company. What hog team strikes you as the hardest working, most selfless? 92-93 comes to mind with me. Total overachievers.

  3. Dudley/Clay. Given the Ethan dialogue. What players do you recall making tremendous jumps from first to years to junior/senior year. I recall Hastings and Nicky Davis as two.

Scott? Started most of his freshman year, played in all 30 games (25 minutes per game), fourth on the team in scoring. The next year, with Sidney in the NBA and Steve Schall also graduated, he led the team in scoring.

The team Nolan had that won the SEC tournament with Joe Johnson, Brandon Dean and Sergio Gipson worked hard. The team you mentioned did, too.

Many of the JC transfers made a jump as seniors. US Reed seemed to make a jump, too. I thought Darrell Hawkins made a jump as a senior.


Totally agree on Hawkins. He was a role player until his senior year. He had an all SEC type senior year and was the leader when Corliss and Scotty were pups.

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I will go back through my stories, but I think Pat was a Glynn Cyprian guy

1998-1999 team that went 23-9

Nick Davis, Delvon Johnson, Mason Jones

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Again, all JC transfers seem to make a jump as seniors. Nolan always told me that he hoped to get three good semesters from a JC guy, but often it was just two. He said the first semester is all about getting a feel. He said they might settle in by February of their first year, but rarely before that. So I kinda throw out all the JC transfers in this discussion. Not fair to them to expect greatness as a junior.

Stan Heath and Oronde Taliaferro handled most of Beverley’s recruiting. Heath built a strong relationship with Beverley’s high school coach, and I think it also helped the Razorbacks that Beverley’s mother had lived in Arkansas.

I thought Moses Kingsley made a great amount of improvement between his freshman and senior seasons. He’s a recent player, but he was the first one who came to my mind.

He was playing very well by the end of his career — much better than I thought he would become during his first couple of seasons.

Moses had no offensive skill when he arrived. He could block shots and rebound.

Thank you all for all the comments. It’s always great because between Scotty, Matt, Clay, and Dudley we’ve got so much Haug basketball past present and future covered.

I totally forgot about Moses and his significant development. That’s exactly right he didn’t look like the same player his last year that he did the first two years.

I guess I also need to credit Stan he’s forgetting Beverly. Do Beverly and Joe Johnson still reach out to the program to your knowledge? Whether it be financially or just to have a relationship. Joe is such a quiet professional my guess is if he does have a relationship he wouldn’t want any publicity.

I don’t think I could appreciate when he played for the hogs just how good he was all around. I can’t imagine how fired up Dudley would’ve been if he would’ve stayed with the Celtics all those years.

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