Ran into Keith Burns

I ran into Keith Burns last night at Landry’s in El Paso. He was gracious, and seemed happy to reminence. We talked defense and smiled when mentioning code red. He is and will always be a Hog. It’s always a pleasure to talk with him. I hope we can match the success again soon.


I had no idea Keith was at UTEP these days…I’d lost track of him. Looks like Mexican food agrees with him!

It did me back in the day when I grew up in El Paso and then attended UTEP. Not too many Hog fans in El Paso back then.

I actually live in southern New Mexico. He looked like he could still put on the gear and play if he wanted to. It was a nice visit.

We met Keith’s parents after a Razorback game in WMS when he was playing. Enjoyed visiting with them.

Keith was a good player and coach.

Keith has that great personality that pulls you in. I love Keith. Talk to him time to time. I’ll text him and he calls within the hour, always glad to visit. He always has stories about my father. He’s a fun guy and a good coach.


There are lots of assistant coaches I really like from the past. I am really biased on Louis Campbell. He’s probably as good a friend as I have in this world. So when I say I’m biased, understand that I probably talk to him five times a week and those other two days we probably text.

Another who I really admired and thought could coach, recruit and was a good person is Jim Washburn. I think the world of Jim.

Lots of others fit on the list as those I admire … like Harold Horton, David Lee, Willy Robinson, Barry Lunney, Jr., Merv Johnson, Fitz Hill. Some of these I knew away from football a little bit, but most I did not.


Code Red defense days those were good time when you just knew Arkansas would play hard and could beat anyone in any given Saturday

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