Ran across this about Peyton Hillis

just wondering what the scoop is if any insiders know. Maybe it’s been discussed previously.

Poor Peyton.

Wow. I love Peyton for how he played for the Hogs in his time on the hill. I’m not going to put any words into this post about how I feel about those 2 articles.

I think our coaches should send some of our RB’s up to Peyton’s place in Springdale for some truck pull training. I thought Peyton was cotton farming near Memphis?

Something’s missing here in the reporting. Former players routinely meet before games at The Lettermen’s Club. That’s where Peyton should make his contacts and inroads to the current staff–through a letterman that is in with the current coaches.

The article implies that Peyton lives in a bubble in NWA and doesn’t know to use such contact opportunities.


I agree that something is missing in this report. Have no insider info, but the reported status is rather foreign to other stories in the past with other former players.

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I agree, Fred. Something’s not right with this story. I just can’t see Sam freezing out former Razorback greats, or anybody, really.

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My guess is the less said about this is the best it will be for Hillis.

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Good guess

The last 15 months has been strange times. Building has been in lock down because of Covid. I would not judge anything over that period.


The article is a year old. No idea but maybe they actually have met since then.

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