I thought last night was as good as Kole Ramage has looked this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him maybe get an inning in relief against Ole Miss as a result.

His off-speed pitches had as much movement to them as I’ve seen this year. This is what Chris Curry told me about him after the game.

“We were aware he was not as good early on as he wants to be, but you could see tonight why they want him to be good and throw for them,” Curry said. “Tonight the velocity was a tick better and I thought the depth on the slider was good. It’s been side to side at times, and I thought he really got on top of it and got some depth, and that’s why he got some swings and misses.”

For as good as Arkansas’ bullpen has been, it can be better if Ramage and Caleb Bolden can get going, because of their experience. Ramage may have had his get right game last night. Bolden will start tonight.

I agree about Ramage being better but still leaves a lot of pitches belt high,really wished he threw a good slider but he throws the same pitch over and over and eventually gets one belt High and gives up hits, and a lot of them don’t come back. I have always wondered why he doesn’t throw more fastballs in on the hands,i really hope he can become a reliable option for us but right now I will have to see much more no run outings for me to feel comfortable him coming into the game.

Matt see if you can find out more why Starks doesn’t get more innings.He looked unhittable in his last outing 96 with knee buckling CB. Totally baffles me why he doesn’t get more chances. Sure there is a reason but based on his last inn he looked Awesome

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Ramage has always been the type to pitch to contact. Even before this year, his career numbers suggested he would give up a hit an inning on average, and probably a home run every nine innings or so.

Every time I think about Ramage I think about him being in line to get the win in Game 2 in Omaha before the pop fly (which was off Cronin).

Yeah that’s why I am uncomfortable with him, pitches to contact in this league often don’t come back but am really pulling for him.

I have tried to forget that pop up!

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