Ramage doing his job so far!

Great 1,2,3 inning there! Nice work!!

Very impressed with him today gave us a chance to stay in the game

We got a lot out of him today. He did well. Campbell at his best wouldn’t have done better in allikelihood. We should be out of this inning without a run. Defensive issues come back to bite again.

We haven’t had a big inning since Friday nite. We’re due.

Ramage made that horrible pitch for the homer! Outside of that he battled. Good to see.

I don’t think it was a horrible pitch. The hitter just knew the tendency. He threw the exact same pitch on the first pitch to the next batter and it was a called strike.

Well, that’s all for Ramage. He pitched well!
Gave us a good 4 and 2/3 innings!