Rakeem Boyd

Is there any reason to believe he might come back for his final season?

I think there is a lot of reason to believe he won’t come back. Running backs need to get their money while they aren’t injured. Assuming his draft grade is solid, I think there is a good chance he’ll go pro, especially with the coaching change.

If I were a running back with that kind of talent, I’d get in the NFL as soon as I could. The NFL seems to regard RBs as like a set of cheap tires – they won’t last long, you use them up and get rid of them. A college back is using up carries that he could be getting paid for at the next level.

I hope he comes back, and perhaps the new HC will convince him that they’ll feature his talents and improve his draft standing, but I doubt it.

Got nothing more to prove. He gone.

Matt, have you heard anything on his draft grade? I can’t imagine him going in the first 3 rounds. I’ve never really thought about a player leaving early, knowing they were going to be a late round draftee. I guess it starts the clock ticking till he’s too beat up to keep playing, but a 3 year NFL contract would likely leave him one big one afterward. He doesn’t seem like a 10 year NFL player to me, he’s a little slight and has been unable to stay healthy in college.


Raheem is one of my all time favorite Hogs. Last spring I was able to visit with him and Dorian Gerald for a good while. Two very likeable/nice guys.

I cringed at the abuse he took these last two years. He gave 100% on every play. I cannot image how another year would help his NFL status. I hate to see him go but he should.

He has talent. Hope he gets a chance to show his skills.

Doesn’t matter if he would be a 6th round choice. Got to go while he is relatively healthy and I’m not sure what more he could show. He has shown he has speed, runs tough and catch the ball.

Rakeem always had a smile and a good attitude on the field. He is a very talented back who has excellent speed, moves and can catch the football. His only negative is he has not been durable. He is not a 20 carry a game back, but I hope he gets with the right team and has a great career.

I know Barry Lunney Jr. lobbied for Rakeem to come back for another year after the game Friday, noting that he hasn’t reached his ceiling yet. If I’m Rakeem I’d look to get to that point while being paid fairly handsomely. I would be stunned if he returned.

How could his ceiling be much higher than now? Healthy. Played hard and played well for a poor team. Bolt.

Selflessly, I hope he comes back, but he would be asked to run behind a very, very, very, very, very poor Oline with almost no talent around him. He is about the only SEC quality player on the team. No reason to get beat up fighting that.

We cannot thank him enough for all he has given us in a bad situation!

agree with all that