Rakeem Boyd 'locked in' for Year 2

“Last year I came in and wasn’t ready to focus in. Now I’m just locked in,” Boyd said Monday.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … s-offense/

Great read…hope he has a 1000+ season.

darn right!! we have depth at the skill positions…….depth, I say! we are going to be a dangerous team! We have qbs, wide receivers, tight ends, and rbs. We have enough depth at the skill positions to be a dangerous team. You let these quarterbacks and wide outs get on the same page, it is going to be katie bar the door. I am going to anticipate this year being the anti last year.

Hope Boyd stays healthy, no question about his heart and toughness that’s for sure.
I like that backfield.

Boyd has that explosiveness, quickness and speed that we haven’t had in some time. If he can stay healthy, which is a big if, then I expect him to be an electrifying performer for us this year. Last year, when he wasn’t hurt, he was just fun to watch. He can be a really good…maybe even great back if he can stand the pounding of the SEC. In my view, he is the most talented running back we have had since DMac. He is not the best, but he is the most skilled. He can catch the ball…he has all the moves and the hips…plus he has the quick burst and breakaway speed. He is an NFL prospect.