Rainy day ahead

It started raining just before 8 o’clock this morning in Fayetteville and is supposed to rain through the night. The weather service says showers are likely before 9 tonight with the possibility of a thunderstorm.

I won’t say that I would be surprised if they are able to play tonight, but I think there is a good chance that they won’t be able to get the game in.

Texas Tech chartered a flight here so that might allow some flexibility if there are delays.

Matt nailed that one. It’s a game slated for TV and they will play if they can. But, they aren’t going to start a game without a window that will allow for the completion of the game. Sometime this afternoon they’ll give that a good look. If there isn’t a good window, then I think they’ll cancel it. That will put them two games down after losing the game at Charlotte last month. I asked Dave Van Horn about possible makeups. They don’t have any more midweek games scheduled so there are slots available. But he said there isn’t anyone that wants to travel to Fayetteville this time of year and they aren’t going on the road. Hence, he was doubtful a game could be made up. They don’t want to play a poor RPI game this time of year. They would be better off not playing a game than getting a team with a poor RPI coming here. I don’t think Dave believes it would hurt them to not make that game (or two) up.