Rain in Tuscaloosa

I’m not sure whether the storm has lightning, but it is raining not too far to the west of Hoover right now. It might be something the teams can play through, but the possibility exists for another weather delay at some point tonight.

We’re getting to the point that Arkansas-Florida might not meet curfew and has to begin tomorrow morning at 9:30.

Does that help us or hurt us? What are your thoughts?

Well if the game was played tomorrow morning and we win it’s fine. But the losing team of our game plays LSU tomorrow. The winner moves to Saturday.
I’d rather see the hogs plays in the morning.

I think it helps. The team gets a little extra rest after having to play until the wee hours this morning.

Matt did you already have a starting lineup?

No, those are not submitted until about an hour before the game, typically.