Rain begins in Omaha

The rain has begun Monday morning in Omaha. Looks to be quite a rain event, too. Rain is about covering the entire state of Nebraska. It should be solid rain today until about 7 p.m. At that point, the chances of rain decrease to about 50 percent. Doesn’t look good for playing baseball Monday night.

It sure seems to me that delays at this point are not good news for us. :frowning:

I understand the inclination to think our chances of winning the CWS increase if we avoid delays. But I’ll take these Hogs against Oregon State with both teams on full rest. These are two elite clubs, and it somehow seems more sporting to me if we get their best shot. Not sure I’d feel that way if we had a lesser club… :slight_smile:

Just as an FYI, if it’s rained out today, they play a single game tomorrow. Everything just pushes back a day. They won’t go past Thursday, though. If there are two rainouts, they begin to double up on the games per day.

They can’t start a game past 11 p.m. tonight.

really helps OSU they get another day rest but I already had pulled up the forecast so I’m not surprised…We just have to come out sharp and jump on them early.we are well rested I just hope not too rested.

Not currently raining where I am, two miles from TDA. Light rain, no lightning, they can play. I don’t need it pushed back to Thursday.

I hate this on a number of levels, but mostly because I don’t want OSU pitchers to get another day’s rest. We earned the advantage of rested pitchers by going 3-0. They played 5 games because they got into the losers bracket immediately. I do not want this delayed. Alas, I know my wants are totally irrelevant. Rain is completely out of our hands.

Looking at the radar in motion, I believe there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to get the game in tonight. May have to wait until 8 or 9 to start it, but should be OK by then.

However, you never know what may develop that isn’t on the screen yet. Will have to take another look in 3-4 hours.

https://weather.com/weather/radar/inter … E0363:1:US

But they may not want to play chicken with the rain—for all the reasons our prior game was postponed—especially considering this is their showcase event.

My guess is they will play, though, because a rainout would allow me to be there for Game 2 (and 3 if necessary).

At the moment: 1:20 Monday afternoon. I’m looking out my hotel window at TD Ameritrade through a very light rain. Been raining consistently since mid morning, sometimes heavy. Good news is no severe storm yet. Fingers crossed!

I just checked my weather app. Forecast doesn’t look very good for tonight. Not absolutely awful, but forecast is clear for the next 3 days. I suspect they’ll call the game rather than risk it tonight. Of course, I’m saying this at 1:28. By 4:00 they might have a completely different outlook.

I’d bet they’d wait until at least 5 to postpone, unless the area was in the middle of a storm with a batch behind it on the radar.

In looking at hte loop from a national perspective - where you can see the motion - it seems to me that there’s about a 60/40 chance they’ll be able to get it in if they’re patient - so long as it hasn’t been pouring all day, and if the field at TD Ameritrade drains well, which it appears to do based on all the rain they’ve had and the condition it’s been in.

NOAA weather shows it could be over shortly, don’t know what will come later this evening, right now it doesn’t show anything south.

I sure hope they get it in. I want the advantage of fresh arms we’ve earned by playing so well in this tournament.

The radar looks like it could clear out pretty soon. Of course another storm could pop up.

I think we play and win.


Sun is peaking out now here in Omaha.

Hopefully, we get it in.

well the weather has to be moving out because the next 2-3 days have basically no chance of rain so its moving out,just depends on how fast.

I drove by the ballpark around 1 and it was pouring. But no lightning. If it stops and the field drains decently they can play. And as of 3:20 it’s stopped.

They’ll play bc I would have to have a rainout to be able to attend.

I’m in the opposite situation. If it gets to Thursday I have to leave. I want two straight and drive down 29 Wednesday afternoon with the championship glow.