Rahm wins the Masters

Four-jacked the first green on Thursday, then turned it around nicely from there.

Brooks Koepka and Phloppin’ Phil Chokelson finish tied for the lead in the LIV Division.

Taylor Moore finished tied for 39th at +5 after a 78 today.

Brooks driver and putter led him to the 54 hole lead, and they abandoned him today. I think Brooks is finally healthy again and needs to handle and feel the pressure of final day in a major to knock some rust off. He’s too talented not to win more majors. My only comment is not playing 72 holes in LIV events may weaken chances bc of stamina.

Phil’s back 9 today was amazing to me as an older player! He knows that course like the back of his hand and knows where to hit it to take advantage of his experience. I don’t agree with Phil’s move to LIV, but he’s still got the magic!

I’m not a LIV fan so I pulled for Rahm. One LIV guy I can’t stand is Patrick Reed.


Enjoyed seeing all the great players, LIV included. Phil got 100million to go play. He doesn’t care what we think. I enjoy watching him.

I didn’t like Phil 30 years ago; I’ve always considered him a complete phony who is nothing like his smiling public persona. And taking the Saudi sportswashing money sure didn’t improve my view any. Koepka also seems to be a jerk but at least he’s honest about it.


Rahm’s swing is very unorthodox. I definitely can’t replicate it. But it sure does work well for him!
I am glad he had a four-stroke lead at the end after the horrible first putt on 17 and the drive on 18. I am glad his pitch on 18 was stellar leading to the par. I have never seen a par on 18 like his before.
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Basically 18 turned into a par 5 for him and he “birdied” it.

I play par 4s as three-shot holes all the time but I rarely “birdie” them.

It’s amazing that he can get such great length and accuracy with his super fast back swing. It should be impossible to coordinate all your moving parts in a golf swing with that fast of a back swing. But he sure has mastered it. He has to be the strongest guy on the tour.

Strongest guy on tour is probably DeChambeau, with the guy he beat yesterday (Koepka) not far behind. But Rahmbo is definitely up there on the strength charts.

And that is an exactly correct impression. He and his then fiance were extremely rude to my cousin years ago. (She was a volunteer at a tourney.)

The Garth Brooks of pro golf. Fans fawn over him but others in he industry do not like him at all. Someone who knows said Garth made it big when he perfected faking being humble.

Rahm was born with a club foot (right ankle I believe) which required surgery and a cast for months after birth. Due to his born deformity, his right ankle is apparently too weak for a normal swing, thus his current swing. Amazing as a young man he learned how to compensate. Says a lot about his love for golf, determination and perseverance.
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