Raheim Sanders (1379 yards) Add +47 yards= 1426 Total

He has a chance.

Judkins 1385 + 63 yards tonight. 4th Qt to go…17:36 minutes

Need to run over these cats…

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Missouri is only giving up 128.5 yds per game rushing. They are stout w/ #4 Rush Defense in the SEC (if Iooked at the site correctly)

Ole Miss had stout run defense too until we trucked them last week.

Judkins finished with 91. Rocket can take the lead with 98.

So much for being the rushing leader! Best defensive line the Hogs faced all year. Maybe best defense period.

Kind of sad. In all this mess of posts and threads being made, somebody posted the our QB and RB were thinking of hitting the portal! Now if this is true then Sam has a problem. AS IN HOUSTON we have a problem.

I want players that want to be Hogs! Do you know what I mean? Where is that grab the bull by the horns and get with it. Something I will say is wrong.

Where is the TB type of guy. Burks had IT!! Wasn’t it Drew Sanders that said we didn’t have that winning attitude? It’s now going to take a group of just a few good players (young men) that will grab the room of kids to pull this thing forward. It’s a total mess now. Coaches must lead but also but we need leaders in the locker room, period.

We will see. As for Rocket I am so sorry young man we didn’t pull through for you!!

The rushing title comes after bowl game. Geez Louise. It ain’t over yet.


We I knew that. It’s just the milage you get for leading the SEC. The O’miss cat for example.

It sure did not seem like you understood that at all.

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“Wasn’t it Drew Sanders that said we didn’t have that winning attitude?”

I missed this, when did this happen 339?

Yes it was Drew. It’s simple quotes that stick in my mind. As for our 2 players jumping it was in the Ark-MU thread I think. Somewhere this week at least.

Roger that, thanks.

I didn’t know that. I thought it was just the regular season.

Bowl games have been counted in season totals for quite a few years. Changed in early 2000s. NCAA took a vote from members and it was almost unanimous to count bowl game stats.

In the early days of bowls there were not many and were considered exhibitions and so stats did not count. Eventually that became outdated. All other sports count postseason games in season stats.

Some schools always did count them.

There is some talk about adding them retroactively.

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