I know it’s early and hard to tell on these things, but do you think he comes back for his senior year or leaves early? I know we could sure use him. Much easier replacing one, than both he and Skipper. Thanks for info!

I actually think he will come back. I don’t think he’s receiving the accolades he could be because of the rough start of the o-line, and I think he will be advised that his draft position will improve with one more year. I also think his dad passing might play a role. After a trauma like that, I know I have reacted by not wanting massive change immediately. I hope its not bad taste to bring that up. But Bielema seems to be a father figure to the kid, and I just would not be shocked at all to see him come back. Whatever he does I know we will all support him. What a kid.

I can see him coming back too and really hope he does. Nothing against Skipper, but Ragnow is our best olineman and having him back would be a great thing for this offense. Either way, as you said, will have full support.

Based on where he likely projects for the draft, I think he’ll be back next year.

I think he’ll be back. It’s always better as an O-line guy to come out as experienced and mature as you can be.

Depends on if he talks to Finger Lickin’ Good Agency. :frowning:

Based on conversations I’ve had with him, I’d say he comes back. In almost every case, you are a better offensive linemen – much better – in your fourth year of college than you are after three. Many of those he’s competing with for NFL draft spots are two years older than Frank. No all. There are some three-year players going in the NFL draft, but I don’t think it’s a high number. Most are four and five years into college.