Ragnow writing about Austin Allen

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“He’s not just THE guy, He’s OUR guy”

Great! That is really great. Ragnow is said to be perhaps AA and NFL, and he thinks this about his QB! This is what we want and need. Tells you all you need to know about Allen. The Oline is going to do all they can for him. We don’t know if it will be enough, but we do know it will not be becuse they don’t respect #8.

He won me over that night against A&M. The Oline was not good at all. There was Austin on 3rd and long time and again making big play after big play (and then getting killed). He moved his team to the lip of the goal, and then the team could not make .5 yd and the game was over, but what Austin did on that drive was amazing. Looks like he won over his NFL center as well.

This type stuff gives me hope.

That’s not just good, that’s teary-eye good. AA is not the QB because of nepotism; he’s the QB because he’s earned it. Excellent writing by Frank Ragnow, a proven star himself.

I really enjoy winning, but I like the development aspect of the game, as well. I like seeing a quality coach turn kids into quality young men. I want to win 9-12 games a year, but I am not interested in winning, if our kids are thugs. I’m from Miami, Florida. I was a long time Hurricane fan in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was really fun going through those horrible years of the 60’s and 70’s and becoming a dynasty. Unfortunately, the more we won the worse things got. Miami lost control of its players and, despite winning, most of us were not proud. It kind of made you feel cheap and dirty. I am so proud of he kind of young men this staff is producing. Again, I want the Razorbacks to win every game, but I am not willing to win at all costs.

Well said JP!

Frank and Austin are extremely close. What you know is that almost every moment that they can be together away from football, they are together. Austin made sure not to ever leave Frank alone after he returned from losing his father last fall. I know that Frank goes with Austin to play golf and Frank doesn’t even play golf. Austin goes with Frank to fish, and Austin isn’t a fisherman. They just love to hang out together. And, they love to go to battle with each other.

Is Frank sure about that? I thought the guy who is now #3 on the depth chart at SMU was gonna be THE GUY. At least that’s what a lot of message board QB coaches were saying back in 2015.

Frank is sure.

LOL! Yeah I think he had about as good a view of that quarterback derby as you could possibly have. What a difference a year makes. Plenty of questions heading into the season, but quarterback play is not one of them.

Growing up, I hated Norte Dame (still do) almost as much as I hated the burnt orange (spit). But there was a guy that led the golden domers to come-from-behind victories that wore #3, then went on to NFL lore wearing #16. Joe Montana was his name. In that game against TCU last year, Arkansas’ #8 reminded me of that guy. He is the difference maker this year like Frank said. Great story to kick off the season. If that doesn’t fire you up, your wood might be wet.

So, Frank has talent. That was well written. Kid might have a career as a journalist one day. After the NFL of course.

Boys and girls this pretty much te affirms what I have intuit about Austin

Folks - Arkansas has the BEST QB in the SEC

With him at the controls this Stkandsd A-10 may plow through the SEC

Gosh - then there is 10 games straight and - the question…, Is there enough talent Karolyn’s AA to win?