Ragnow selected for Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl obviously isn’t what it used to be, but this is still a big honor. It is Ragnow’s second Pro Bowl selection. He also earned one in 2020.

I was a little surprised that Dre Greenlaw was not selected. He has had an outstanding season.


Living in Ca and a life long 49er fan, total BS, Dre is having a GREAT year and totally should be all pro, couldn’t agree more Matt


Good for him… Great player, so is Greenlaw proud of both of them.


The played game is literally a joke, but still a great achievement from your piers,coaches and fans. Big honor for Ragnow, YES.

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Dre deserves it but he plays a spot that has much talent and star quality.

There’s always the possibility somebody else opts out or gets hurt and Greenlaw goes anyway.

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