raggedy ride

there still wheels on this thing?

Offense was a little raggedy early on. However, the defense has been the best in several games. Hogs’ playing defense with some tenacity, even our press has been successful in spots. Need to cut the unforced turnovers.

I would like to see those Free throws hit. That’s about 6? Points that could have given us a real nice lead.

yep we brought the defense and have been getting a lot of calls going our way on aggressive play. we need to put them away fast before the refs try to even up the fouls in the second half

oh, and somebody needs to make some buckets.

oh my don’t let Barford go to the bench! that dude aint tired!

Wheels are just fine on the Hog wagon tonight.

Bama looks like they’ve never seen a trap before.

If they were watching Hog tapes going into this game, they weren’t seeing traps like we played them tonight. In our last 2-3 practices I bet our players heard Mike yelling “pressure defense” over and over and over. Timing on those traps were right on and they were fierce traps.

I hope Mike can figure out how to bottle the team’s mindset about defense that they showed tonight. Manny was like a demon tonight on defense, and, oh those 3s.

Yes and Manny becoming an offensive force as observed by SEC TV crew.