Rafe Peavey Possible Transfer update...

I’m told by a source close to the situation that he is considering a transfer, but has not yet reached a final decision and will likely sleep on it tonight and make that decision final.

Peavey is weighing the time he has invested here vs. a fresh start somewhere else.

Whatever his decision proves to be, - - I wish him the very best.

… transfer domino effect was Matt Jones (Tarvaris Jackson and Zak Clark) … it was obvious from his earliest scrimmages that he would be a star at the college level.

Same kid of excitement seems to be building around Cole Kelley.

Peavey might be a great QB at the FCS level … Missouri State or UCA … and would not have to sit out a year.


If I heard DD on the radio correctly, the list of potential destinations is at least partially FBS, including SMU. If he transfers now (before attending his first fall class at UA), then his year in residence at the new school would start now and he could play at SMU or wherever as a fourth-year junior in 2017. Whereas if he attends class, he would have to transfer down to play in 2017 and he’d still be a fourth-year junior – and playing in a new system.

Hate to hear this. RP’s heart’s in the right place. Good luck, my son.

Seen nothing from RP or RTown (other than stars) that suggest either is a guy that can compete for playing time. Wish them well but I suspect both to be elsewhere soon.

He’s transferring.


Good luck to him. If he was going to stay in FBS, now was the time to get out before he attended a fall class and lost the year. We knew there was going to be attrition at the QB spot with 5 scholarship guys. Some thought the transferring would be in May instead of now, but in May RP was the #2 guy. Now he’s not. And with QB commitments already in hand for the next two classes (Hyatt and Noland), there will be more transfers, I suspect.

Might work out good with Chad Morris
Pony Up and good luck

Being a SMU season ticket holder — will be watching him

I’m actually glad to see him go. For his sake. QB is not like other positions. At a major program, if you are an upperclassman and it loks like you’re #4 in the pecking order, you aren’t going to play. Ever. Then it becomes a question of what’s more important. The school you chose? Or actually getting to play. If I were him I would have done the same thing.