Radio this morning. 7-3-2

I think it was Vickory. But all he said was 7-3-2. Over and over again during the part of his program that had to do w Arkansas basketball.

7 years
3 tournament appearances
2 wins

Also said our athletic director does not have the tenure here to replace him, but will in 2 years.

He wanted mike, roots for mike, can’t say a bad thing personally about mike, but those stats 7-3-2, are enough to warrant change.

Those who say majority of fans are happy w our program might want to hear a broader spectrum of fans.

He went to tourney,I think he should get another year.

You nailed it in your other post. It is about who you talk to and who you hang with it. Everyone is disappointed with loss to Butler, which by the way is a very good team and I believe we had the toughest first round of all SEC teams. Beyond that it depends on who you hang with it. I don’t think Vickory is a good measure of fan base. Isn’t it mostly a political show?

Additionally, I don’t think the administration is looking at 7-3-2. It is a recent 4-3-2 if they are counting. But the administration is really counting season ticket sales, foundation contributions and fan enthusiasm at BWA. All are up and trending up. You always look at recent history and trend. If it was 7-3-2 and recent 4-1-1, Vickory has a point.

Here are some more number for ya to digest.

2011-12 Finished 9th
2012-13 Finished 7th
2013-14 Finished 5th
2014-15 Finished 2nd
2015-16 Finished Tied 8th (after tie-breaker was 9th)
2016-17 Finished Tied 3rd (after tie-breaker was 3rd)
2017-18 Finished Tied 4th (after tie-breaker was 6th)

If you figure average finish with tie-breakers that’s 5.8 or 6th place.
If you figure average finish w/o tie-breakers that’s 5.4 or 5th place.

So if your happy getting a team that generally finishes 5th or 6th, which
is middle of the pack, then your getting what you want. Personally, after
7 years with that record, your seat should be warm. People don’t like to
spend money for average no matter how nice a guy you are.

I do not think its quite time for Mike to be gone, but I do think its time
to light that flame under his seat. I think the next 2 years will write the
book on Mike here at Arkansas, I hope it has a happy ending for him,
but I’m skeptical at best at this point.

Convincing Stat.

You should ignore the first year, but only the first since good coaches win in year two. Therefore, either way, the average is 5th place. Also, since LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky, in basketball only, have better recruiting bases, realistically we should average 6th place so Anderson is slightly better than average and getting a better than an average head coach in the SEC means you are extremely lucky.

I don’t think MA is a better than average coach in the SEC now. May have been at one time…not anymore


Have you read Orwell?
Familiar with Doublespeak?

I honestly don’t believe you should count the first 2 or 3 years. He walked into a dumpster fire and had to fix that first. I think he will legitimately get at least two more years before the program is evaluated.

No! And, I don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

I’d seriously like to see the list of coaches that went to the NCAA tournament in year 2 after taking over a program that was having APR problems, no practice facility (when every other school in conference has one), and hadn’t been to the tournament in the previous 3 years before they got there. I watch a lot of college basketball and can’t think of a single one of the top of my head.

Bruce Pearl, Rick Barnes, Ben Howland, and Avery Johnson are all coaches that’s had tremendous success at other places and it even took them 3 or 4 years to make the tournament. Heck Ben Howland still hasn’t made it. It’s not as easy to rebuild as you like to try to make it seem.

Actually I got it wrong

It’s Newspeak, not Doublespeak

A reference from the George Orwell novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”

Basically a language which created new phrases to hide the truth

We don’t need to replace Mike. We need Mike to adapt to the current basketball schemes. If he doesn’t adapt he may not make it past next season.

What we need is for Mike to replace himself with a “better Mike”.

which is exactly the same thing you are saying.
He needs to adapt, which is actually a strong coaching attribute.

I am concerned that Nolan’s relationship and shadow over Mike has made him way too committed to Nolan’s style. Nolan is a great coach and would use different defenses and most fans forget he even went to a half court game in the NCAA in 94 (Darnell and Corliss allowed us to play half court and beat half court teams). Nolan needs to step up and let his protege know he needs to adapt and not over-commit to this style. Nolan is smart enough to know how a fan base can turn.

I wish you would quit saying that. What coach do you changes their style or schemes after coaching 15+ years? Nobody, that’s the answer. Your pipe dream of seeing Mike Anderson standing on the sideline calling out plays, running a slow pace offense, and running a zone defense all game like it’s 1955 isn’t happening. He’s going to press, he’s going to trap, he’s going to run the motion offense, and he’s going to throw multiple defenses out. That’s Mike Anderson that’s what you’re getting from him as the coach, Arkansas knew that, and wanted that, if they didn’t they would have hired somebody else. You don’t like go watch another team that fits what you like more. Me personally I don’t watch teams that I don’t like the way they play, it’s a waste of time to me.

And his schemes and style of play is fine. His records prove that. Has the second best SEC over the past 4 years. So, obviously it’s not as terrible and outdated as you try to make it seem.

The problem with the Butler game is guys didn’t show up. I love Gafford, but he didn’t do a thing against Butler, he even said so himself. I don’t know how much college basketball you watch, but when your first round pick gets bullied and plays scared and nervous and your second leading scorer in Macon can’t throw the ball in the ocean, you usually don’t win. We were in a position multiple times to take the lead in that Butler game, and we had situations where guys like CJ Jones, who’s a 3 point specialist missed wide open 3’s or Gafford just throwing up a wild shot at the rim, instead of settling down and doing what he’s done all year. In the NCAA tournament players have to make plays. Our guys didn’t, plain and simple. That doesn’t mean Mike Anderson can’t coach and needs to change schemes or means he has bad players, it just means guys had a bad game. Which if you watch any basketball at any level you know it happens. That’s why the NCAA tournament is the most unpredictable sporting event in the world, in a single elimination tournament, that you only have 3-4 days to prepare for, and you usually are going to some place that you’ve never been before against a team you never played against before.

You are back to interacting with me and twisting stories again. At least you have stopped your failed diversionary tactic of accusing me that I want Mike fired. Now you are using the diversion that I am asking Mike to turn into Syracuse by playing zone. You are also accusing me of wanting to play slow. I have multiple posts that espouse my desire to be fast like Florida, AU, WVU, UK, etc which are fast paced without giving up all the open 3s, leaving the lane open or not rebounding because your bigs are on the perimeter in a switch while Macon or Jones are getting abused covering a 4 or 5 in the paint.

You crack me up when you say MIke uses multiple defense, because he barely uses anything different until it is too late. Mike continues to use his style with very little if any diversity with zone, match up zone, box n one, etc. Mike stubbornly uses the trapping man with switches and pressing or the motion offense that really doesn’t appear to have many set plays if forced to play half court.

It is interesting that you are also back to blaming the players again while not recognizing Mike’s flaws and mistakes. You need to get outside your normal friends if you have any and listen to the other fans. The fan base is not happy with Mike. You can’t let go of your subjective love for Mike to be OBJECTIVE about the direction of our Program. You may not have much choice because the fan base is not happy and will be ugly if next year is bad. Mike needs to change or he will have to change his address.

I noticed you came back here from Hogville after you found that the uprising against Mike is worse over there. Mike is in trouble and you can’t handle it…because you love Mike more than the program.

Dude, if it was a bad as you were saying he’d be gone plain and simple. He just got an extension LMAO. Who gives a coach an extension if most of the fan base doesn’t want him there. You’re the one that’s out of touch with the fan base and reality. I actually go to about 90% of the home games every year, I usually only miss one or two if any, and interactive with the fans that are there. This year most of the games I went to were sold out and we were whooping up on teams and there was high fives all around and everybody was enjoying the games. Mike Anderson always gets a huge ovation whenever they say his name after the starting lineup.

And what other fans should I be interacting with? Where can I find this huge portion of fans that are unhappy with Mike Anderson. Because only place I ever see them is on message boards and it’s usually the same few people that are saying the same stuff for years, that nobody listens to.

I’m not a member of Hogville, no idea what you’re talking about. I do occasionally read the basketball recruiting updates from McPherson, but that’s it. If it’s another Blu, that’s not me, it’s not that uncommon of a name there sherlock. Considering that’s what all my fratentity brothers call each other. That’s where I got the name from. I’m not going to pay for this board just to go post on another board, that would be stupid. I only post here.

You must be very sheltered. You are not able to be level headed because of your subjective love for Mike which won’t allow you be OBJECTIVE about the direction of our Program. Your maniacal love for MIke means that you probably are quite dramatic in public like you are here. If so that means you are limited in who will tolerate you. Many fans have surprised me that must have been tolerating Mike’s style but now have had enough after his 2 worst years of stubborn coaching. Fans see coaches change schemes all the time to fit their personnel, so it is hard for fans to accept Mike’s stubborn ways.