Radar gun

I watched all of the first 2 games on my computer screen. Was very disappointed NO RADAR GUN. Also, for the second game no pop-up player info when they came to bat in the second game. Until I learn the players better I really want to see that info!

Yesterday there was no pitch count throughout the whole game. That’s an important metric I like to keep up on. How hard a stat is that to keep?

Also noticed several times the base runner map and ball/strike count was wrong. What’s going on at RSN?

My mental picture was some Gen Z kid was hired to run the graphics, spending most of their time on their phone while only occassionally paying attention to the job they were hired to do, lol.

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I think I heard Brett say on Friday there was no radar gun on the scoreboard either.

Friday or Saturday, no radar gun. At least Friday had pitch count, but not Saturday. Balls/strikes and base runners kept getting screwed up both days. Very unprofessional production.

All of the above. Was kind of frustrating.

In my haste to post I forgot to whine about the pitch count. One of the announcers finally mentioned a pitch count at the start of the 5th inning, I think. I also started to ask if anybody lost his/her job over the lack of “metrics”, but was trying to be diplomatic. :roll_eyes:

I’m watching it streaming and have the same issues for the lack of numerous details. One of my questions is, when the first game pitcher got beaned, the announcers immediately pronounced the ball speed at 104 leaving the bat. If you don’t have a radar gun that measures the ball speed from the mound to the plate, how do you measure the exit speed of a ball coming off the bat?

I think the radar gun is there, the teams need that for their use in analyzing the pitchers after game. I just don’t think it’s being put up in the graphics same as pitch count and other info.

Yeah I agree with all the above and also whoever is keep it up with the balls and strikes needs to get it together because they’ve been wrong several times

Brett said today that the radar gun inside the stadium has not been operational all weekend. I guess UA has its own guns that are probably more accurate than the scoreboard figures.

The velocity readings you hear on the air are coming from TrackMan.

The announcers just said they wished they had the radar gun #’s to see Wiggins pitch metrics. With his fastball and off speed stuff.

I listen to the radio broadcast at the games. At one point today, Bubba said that he had the “velos” but was not telling them on air.

BTW, if the TV guys are not giving game status (balls, strikes, outs, etc.) listen to the radio cast. I’m usually able to sync the two.

Wonder why he would not tell them on the air??

It a conspiracy to raise the ticket prices.:wink:

The radar gun will be back for the next game.


Good to hear, but reading between the lines, that says it was intentionally withheld til now. How about the pitch count?

The pitch count on the scoreboard was slow in updating, but it was there. Are you talking about the telecast?

Yeah there was no pitch count on the telecast.

What about all the rest that is mentioned here?