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Which Gun are they using to show MPH on the stream broadcast? Seems to be 2-3 MPH lower.Palette was shown 93,94 on Broadcast and I know for sure(according to DVH) he is above 95 most of the time, read where scoreboard was saying 96-98. How come the discrepancy?

Their velocity dropped today, DVH commented on it on his PC. It was cold and windy, understandable.

Well I read elsewhere it was showing 96 98 just was wondering why the difference

My seat location has been moved to the point that I can’t easily see the scoreboard pitch speed. My regular seat is not directly behind the plate, but close. I can just glance at the scoreboard. Sitting down the 1B line this year (all of my tickets are there) I have to turn to check pitch speed and it is not there for more than a few seconds. It was not as wet yesterday as the final game against SEMO, but it was misty and damp all day. I’m sure that had a significant effect on pitching, both velocity and grip.

There is a reserved section for opposing team staff on the concourse behind home plate. Last weekend I stood behind their guy with their radar gun. The scoreboard consistently showed 2mph faster than his gun for fastballs, and 3mph faster for off speed.

The video announcers yesterday then said the gun they are using is not the same one as the scoreboard, and theirs was about 2mph faster than scoreboard

Faster than the scoreboard? I was thinking it was slower based on what I read elsewhere… Either way I just found it odd that they would be off 2-3 MPH

You may be right about that

What I meant to convey was that the scoreboard gun seems a bit “hot”

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Curious where scoreboard gun is located? Assuming it’s positioned where it doesn’t need to be manually operated.
Sorry if should know this


The gun for the scoreboard has to be re-calibrated a lot. Scouts say it’s hot.

I asked DVH about it a few years back. He told me to always check with a scout. I generally do.

I have not attended an in-person game this year.

I won’t until I get my second vaccination. Sitting in the stands (no press box for media this year) I figure I will probably be under risks I should not take. May change my mind but I do not want to take the last bullet of the war (so to speak).

Anytime you see a TV reading from any stadium, just know it may not be accurate. Being off 2 mph is pretty normal.

Scouts come to a consensus. They do not mind sharing their gun numbers to each other. It’s their way to make sure they have a gun that is accurate.

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