Race for 8

We’ll update this thread over the next week or so with notable results from games that involve teams that are in contention with Arkansas for one of the top eight seeds.

Teams the top 8 discussion: Tennessee (lock), Oregon State (lock), Virginia Tech (likely), Miami, Auburn, Stanford, Maryland, Arkansas, Louisville, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Florida State

Others in the host discussion: Vanderbilt, LSU, Texas Tech, Gonzaga, Southern Miss, Virginia


Oklahoma State was walked off at Baylor tonight. The Cowboys have lost four straight in Big 12 play.

Some other notable outcomes involving teams in the host discussion tonight:

Miami 6, Notre Dame 4
Oklahoma 13, Texas Tech 8
Texas A&M 10, Ole Miss 5
Stanford 7, USC 1
Maryland 14, Purdue 7
LSU 13, Vanderbilt 2
North Carolina 7, Florida State 5
Louisville 4, Virginia 1

Auburn lost its opener at Kentucky, 5-1.

Which of those teams are in the “Host Discussion?”

Of the teams mentioned: Oklahoma State, Miami, Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Stanford, Maryland, LSU, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Louisville, Virginia and Auburn. I’d say Gonzaga and Southern Miss are in the discussion, too.

Tennessee and Oregon State, and maybe Virginia Tech, have top-eight national seeds locked up.

If the hogs sweep Bama and win the SEC west I think they will get a top 8 seed.

Some scores tonight:

North Carolina 10, Florida State 4 (UNC wins series)
Virginia 16, Louisville 7 (series tied)
Maryland 18, Purdue 7 (UM wins series)
Auburn 6, Kentucky 3 (series tied)
LSU 8, Vanderbilt 3 (LSU wins series)
Ole Miss 14, Texas A&M 6 (series tied)
Notre Dame 5, Miami 0 (series tied)
Oklahoma State 11, Baylor 5 (series tied)
UCLA 7, Oregon State 4 (UCLA wins series)
Stanford 22, USC 3 (Stanford wins seires

That’s a tough series loss for Florida State. The Seminoles’ real-time RPI has dropped 10 spots to 27th in the past two days.

Tonight’s loss was an RPI killer for Arkansas, down to 32nd on the Warren Nolan site. The Razorbacks were 25th before the game.

Unless Arkansas goes on a long run in Hoover, I doubt a top eight seed will happen. And that assumes a win in the final game in Tuscaloosa.

This team…an enigma. Just waiting on a streak. Frustrating…that child that underachieves…socialist(neither up or down). Just holding in the middle.

Arkansas does not have a real dominating pitcher this year. Connor has been a disappointment. I thought given his hype out of high school he would have been better.

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