R. Williams

This is a ridiculous thread. First, you want to criticize a guy for running straight ahead? Instead of back and forth laterally? And then you want to question his effort? He doesn’t run hard? Really?

How about you get out there one practice and just try to run up the A gap or B gap 10 times against a defense with 8 in the box?

There used to be criticism against DMAC for not having enough lateral moves to make people miss and for running straight ahead. RW may not have the top end speed that DMAC had but I bet he takes one to the house before the year is over.

Yes, running straight ahead is not always a good quality in a running back, it will come a time and place where vision is needed to make a lot of the runs that he will be asked to make. and running in the A and B gap still requires vision, unless its 4th and inches, and he may take one to the house but It will be a lil bit harder with out good vision.

RW isn’t going to cut laterally like Collins but then we have never had a back with that kind of lateral quickness. Collins makes everyone look laterally challenged. RW will become better as the season progresses and is a good straight ahead type back that also has some shake and bake. The yards against La Tech were crowded, eight-man front yards that didn’t allow a lot of cutback opportunities. He showed good cutback skills against the Vol’s last year and will have more down the road. It will be fun watching Whaley get his share in the near future to gain perspective on his running style.

This has to win the prize for the most ridiculous thread since the game Saturday. A few find it necessary to try to pick apart the talent of a great kid who played a tremendous game. In his first game back after breaking his neck, all he did was run for 94 yards and carried the team down the field for the final winning touchdown. If he wasn’t on the field Saturday, the Hogs do not win this game.

Truly, unbelievable.

Unfortunately, it’s very believable. Some people think “fan” means “criticize everything and everyone, win or lose.” :roll: :? Negativity has become fashionable, almost mandatory.

RWIII averaged 4.5 yards per carry in 2015, with a long gain of 44 yards.

This…my analysis exactly.

I do not think that was Rawleigh’s top performance and I do think he can improve on what he did in week one. He’s kind of like the rest of the team. He showed rust and I don’t know how he would have not shown rust. He has been tackled twice since the injury in the Auburn game. I did think he looked sharper in the scrimmage that I saw than he did against Tech. He’ll play better. And, he’ll also get a push from some of the younger backs, Devwah Whaley and TJ Hammonds.

You were right. Clay. Rw3 played a lot better and showed much more talent than those in this thread give him credit for having.

RWIII played a great game. Very happy for him.

Well, JJhogfan, what do you say about RWIII performance against TCU?

RWIII is very good and fast
Our Oline is green and not creating the running lanes AC had last year.
The defenses have been doing everything possible to confuse the Oline and put 8 men against them.
RWIII does not have the wide running to accelerate nor have space to juke a defender.
RWIII has vision but what he is seeing is defenders within 2-5 feet of him.