R. Williams

First all I want to say thanks for the HI staff, for getting me back and up and running, but my observations on Williams is that he leaves to many yards on the field, his vision is not good at all. He’s a hard runner and downhill, but I can’t see him taking anything to the house, such as a one cut and go the distance. I really want to see the freshman in action, and I believe once we see him, he might end up being the home run back…

This is the exact same argument that was said against Alex Collins for nearly two years.

I agree with a comment made elsewhere that he did not stretch each run out for the maximum gain. There were some instances on the side line where he was supposedly going for the first and ten marker and came up short or he barely made it. The reality was that with a little more effort on his part those first and tens were there for him to get and he could have gotten each of them. We could see his face on the tv screen where he thought that he had the first and ten but then it turns out that he had pulled up short. Why pull up short when all it took was playing on through and getting the maximum distance for the effort. Doing that is what makes the difference between what one hopes to turn out to be a first in ten and what one knows is a first and ten. Even if it actually turns out to be a little shy of a first down, give every run a first down effort all they way through until the play is ruled dead. That is the minimum expectation for running backs. When it comes to effort, go for the first down each run and take whatever the play gives you… You may just get points out of it…

The idea that Raleigh Williams is not running hard or giving enough effort is a load of crap. I was at the game, and he ran hard every time he had the ball. He did mis-judge the marker one time, but running the ball out of bounds once you have a first down rather than take another big hit for one extra yard is not a sign of a lack of effort, it is a smart play.

Williams ran tough, which showed a lot of fortitude given what happened last season.

The kids runs hard, but he is just straight ahead and has no moves and with him not getting the first down has nothing to do with effort and just understanding the game. Only thing he has to do is just stretch the ball out and which that will come with maturity and just knowing where you at on the field.

I think he runs extremely hard,but he just has no vision…

Alex had great vision, and turned into a complete back…

This was an issue I had with the NFL scouts last year that graded AC over JWill. JWill always seemed to fall forward, even when hit in the backfield he always got back close to the LOS. AC, to me anyway, didn’t always seem to fall forward.

Now, wasn’t at the game, but paid attention to our backs during the game. RWill seemed to fall forward. I agree with the other comment about stepping out being a smart play, but I also thought he extended the ball over the marker. The line judge that marked him, was behind the play and marked where his foot went out at.

I disagree. I think he has vision. Remember he has only played a half year of college football.

This was his first game after the injury.

Before the injury last year, he was making people miss and always fell forward.

You and I havnt watched the same RB.

Love RWIII. However, thus far, he has shown very little vision and lateral moves. He is a straight ahead runner. I know he is not Alex Collins. But I always loved how patient AC was while waiting for the hole to develop. He had amazing footwork in the hole. RWIII often takes the handoff and immediately is full speed ahead without waiting for the hole to open. Hope his game evolves as he gains experience.

Raleigh is a solid back, but if we are going to make any noise this year Whaley and Hammonds need to get carries every game. Bielema is old school in that he doesn’t like to play young guys, but teams who are better than we are do. Look at Texas and Bama with freshmen quarterbacks.

BB needs to throw way the windbreaker and go with the tank top. That would shake things up. Visualize that tank top with a straight on Hog logo. Scary.

Any thing with a front-facing Hog is scary. It looks too much like a Red Wolf, which goes right along with the wolf howl Hog call.

I like the way RW has come back from the injury. Did think he was not lowering shoulders like I remembered from last year at point of contact and thought he turned sideways. Glad he’s back and anticipate a fine career.for him.

What a dumb, hot take.

The kid was coming back from a freaking broken neck. He carried us on the key drive.

He had a few plays that he could have finished better, but if anything, it was from being over anxious.

To say he is a straight ahead guy with no moves or explosiveness is just ridiculous. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I think he is a down hill back, which you all need that but vision and seeing the cuts, he clearly don’t have. Also him just playing a year of college football has nothing really to do with his vision, that is something either you just have or you don’t, not saying he can’t work on it but he probably has been that kind of runner since his grade school days…

He will get better every game and every snap. He is going to be a very solid back for us. His style of running is perfect for our offense we typically run. And as he gets more comfortable and things slow down he won’t miss holes and will show more elusiveness in open field.

I thought William’s had an outstanding game. Outstanding. Think about it.