R.J Glasper update...

I caught him in the locker room after today’s game.

He told me that he has been involved lately in the non-contact portions of practice.

He thinks he will be cleared soon for contact - which may end up being off-season workouts, but he could play pick-up with during the spring/summer/etc.

R.J. said there it has been a long process, but he is told he should be good as new next season.

It’s a long season, lots of have bumps and bruises and lots of them ice down there knees, shoulders, etc. after the game.

Everybody is a little beat up.

One of Dusty’s feet is bothering him a little, but it is hard to tell during the game.

I may be struggling the most - carpel tunnel is back.

Off-season surgery is likely on the horizon

Thanks for the update.
Was Dusty’s foot the reason he was in the locker room last night during the second half?
Duddley what’s your thoughts on how a win or a loss affects our seeding for the dance?

Not sure on Dusty

It’s hard for me to tell on the seeding.

I think there are worthy of a 7 now, but I’m not Joey Brackets

Response: Very nice inside reporting, that could account for his play at time. Pain in the areas of your back and feet can be distracting

Response: warriors mind set regardless of the pain and discomfort you play on that suggests the team is now focused

Just had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands the last 30 days, wished I had done it sooner. The longer a person waits the worse the nerve damage becomes and more recovery time. Instant relief and never had to take pain meds, two weeks between surgeries. On today’s game, it would be great to get a win but the most important thing to me is to continue to play well and end the game healthy for next week.WPS