Quinn Grovey has a new job


Hope he does a better job than he did on the John White Selection Committee where he obstinately refused to even consider anyone other than Houston Dale Nutt, thereby causing that 10 year nightmare.

Not to nitpick, but that 10 year nightmare did include 3 SEC West championships. Congratulations to Quinn. One of my all time favorite Razorbacks.

I think as we get further from Houston’s tenure at Arkansas, more will appreciate what he did here. He won 61 percent (75-48) of his games; 51 percent (42-40) in SEC play, including the two losses in the championship games.

By comparison, Arkansas has won 56 percent of the games (63-50) in the nine seasons since Houston left for Ole Miss, including 43 percent (31-41) in the SEC.

You can argue the SEC has become more difficult since the Nutt era, and that’s a legitimate claim, but ultimately you play the hand you’re dealt, and Nutt’s teams won a lot of games and provided a lot of great moments. The stretch from 1998-2003 was Arkansas’ best in this conference and probably will take a long time to top.

Facts are nasty things, especially when they collide with our mind-made-up
views. Our emotions frequently rein over our intellect.

To add to that, our SEC record BEFORE Nutt was 17-29-2 (37 percent).

Congratulations to Groovy (which is what my late mother called him). A great Razorback! And not to hijack the thread but when I think of HDN, I can’t help but think of the talent he had in the same backfield with McFadden, Jones and Hillis. If he could have gotten over himself and let someone creative call the plays, he might still be here today.

That team is still the highest scoring team in UA history-37 points per game. David Lee was a great play caller.

I thought Nutt did a good job here as the numbers show. The play I’ll never get over, though, was fourth-and-short going in for the for the winning score in LSU territory; McFadden’s been running over them all day, and the play call was an ill-advised pass that never got off. Ouch. But that’s ancient history.

So many memories I can’t quite recall, and
too many memories I can’t seem to forget.