Quincy Rhodes & Alex Sanford

at US Army All American game at the Star in Frisco.

Army quit sponsoring the San Antonio game a few years ago and is back in the bowl business starting this year. Tom Lemming is picking the players for the game.

He use to do the San Antonio game for years and then they went corporate.

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So no visits to other schools for them this weekend?

You think they both sign with us on the 21st…

Every time I ask people that should know about Quincy, they tell me he’s good to go.

I feel good with Alex too.

The ones that I would be concerned with would be Easter, Tease and Johnson.

That’s two studs right there we definitely need to sign them

Richard, you think going that far from ash down would draw Easter?

Have you heard any about the Texas te formally committed to Stanford?

Surprised tease is looking around this late? I figured if anyone for him would be Oklahoma.

Auburn will take Johnson if they want him. Too close to home.

OU insiders say they are out on Tease…

Jackson are u surprised a&m would be after him with who they have already?

I just don’t know enough about their roster - so many moving large with the portal defections, etc

The thing that makes me think it might not happen with Shamar and SC, is his mom and grandmother might not like the distance. But this is where NIL comes in. They might be able to travel to and from easier because of NIL. The cost to travel to SC from Arkansas would be tough for any family.

That’s not just Shamar and his family. That’s all kids and families now days.

Not on the Texas TE but I believe there is interest.

I think A&M is the team to beat not OU.

You also have to figure in the hassle of traveling from Arkansas to South Carolina. Even if you have the money, NIL or otherwise, one still must buy plane tickets, reserve a hotel, rent a car, and manage kids in the entourage. Grandma may or may not get around well.

I think the same thing working in our favor in keeping Easter, could hurt us with Johnson…. Now it seems that Johnson might not have a firm offer from Auburn, but let’s apply something that was said in the PC yesterday… if Johnson or any recruit does not want to be at the UA, or is just at the UA because on $$, they can bolt when they want… we these recruits a lot is invested in them and not just NIL…. If they are not bought in that is high risk for a poor ROI…. To me it’s almost like this, yes continue to build as much as you can through HS recruits , and as the grown, mature and become vested in the program, the NIL opportunities will mirror that , but if they are not cut them loose immediately, or don’t recruit in the first place! Use the NIL $$ or collective to get the SR maybe Jr or RS Sophs that highly likely could jump to the NFL (these are rare)… I think until the NCAA gets control or heck maybe it’s the SEC office that gets control , I don’t know… but this is how I think coach Pittman is thinking along the NIL… but before the first buck is spent; they have to want to be here and want to do it his way!

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