Quincey McAdoo to FSU

Disappointing, but if he does not want to be Hog and I am not suggesting we give up on him, I am all for the attitude of just working hard to make sure we get other recruits that take the sting out of losing this one. There are some keepers in Central Arkansas that would be a good start.

Very early. He might end up at FSU, but wouldn’t be surprised to see a change here.

P-P-Pole Dancing…(to the BGs)

I doubt he’s had much of a chance to get to know Coach Guiton. Things can change.

The players haven’t even met Guiton.

I’ll never been stunned about a kid’s decision, but I am surprised at the timing.

Apparently it was a spur of the moment thing.

I’m sure that Arkansas will stay after him.

How many WR’s do you think we’ll take in this class? Has Sam mentioned any numbers yet?

He has not to this point.

I would be surprised if they load up and sign 4 again although Rocket is going to be a WR-TB.

I’d heard 2-3, but we’ll lose Warren, Burks, and Woods.

Call me crazy, but anytime I see someone make a decision and then say “respect my decision”, I always think to myself well somewhere in the back of his mind he knows it might not be the right time or the right decision.

I don’t think Sam & Kendall will just roll over. We need to get him on campus after this shutdown is over. Long time until signing day!

The last time I talked to Quincey, the FSU talk was definitely there. So him committing to the Noles wasn’t a big surprise. Norvell didn’t back down from the bigger schools while at Memphis.

Like I said earlier, I don’t think it’s over.

Your double negative has me confused, but I think you are correct.

Yeah, lol. That was rough.

Type to fast for myself to read.

I’m an old hunt and peck typer, and I still can’t get it correct. Looks like Guiton got a new offer out in the Houston area today.

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Respect my decision is just a phrase that all commits or de-commits seem to put in to their twitter announcements now.

Sort of like…I am going to write a couple of stories this afternoon. Please respect my decision.


Dudley, I’ll respect you if I like your stories. Ha. :grinning:


Trying to hold off the loud mouth haters that seem to be everywhere these days.

Class of 2022 so a lot of things can happen / change by then.