Quincey McAdoo injured in car accident

Prayers for Quincy and family! :pray:t2:

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Mu understanding that this is serious, he can definitely use our prayers.

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Here is a link to our story, which doesn’t include much more than what the UA released. Tom is working to get some more information and we will update it.

Other than wishing him a quick & full recovery, hope that the injuries are not such that they end his dream of playing football.


Possible Neck injury which can be very serious…Praying for him.


Neck is messed up. Hopeful it will not be career-ending like it was for Rawleigh Williams but you have to proceed with the utmost caution.

Prayers for his full recovery and better days ahead for the family.

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Yep, saw a FB post from a lawyer that he hit and which caused the accident. The pictures from the wreck made you thankful that they were alive. The lawyer stated Quincy wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

:pray: :pray: :pray::pray: :pray::pray: :pray:

Big time prayers up for Quincey in his recovery!!!

Man, that’s awful. Driving on the interstate without a seat belt. I hope Quincey recovers and is able to drive again. I’d imagine he’ll value that seat belt going forward.

It reminds me that when I was a kid, my family didn’t use seat belts. I can remember being in our family car and my parents manipulating the seat belt so that they wouldn’t have to wear it but the noise reminder (a constant buzz) would go off. I’m guessing that happened because as young parents they bought a 1963 Rambler that didn’t even have seat belts. (I guess not having seat belts in cars that old was maybe common. I honestly don’t know.)

At some point by the time I was in high school or college, we all began wearing seat belts. Seems so foolish now, but I spent a lot of time as a kid not wearing one.

Until the mid-1960s seatbelts were not standard issue in cars. I remember as a kid in the late 50s when we made a sudden stop and my Mom was driving and I was in the passenger seat and there were no seatbelts she would hold out her right arm to keep my head from hitting the dashboard.

Yes, when seatbelts were new, some people didn’t like them. Same with airbags. But thank God for both of them. A few years ago someone ran a stop sign into a highway and I was in a collision that totaled both of our cars. The seatbelt worked, the airbag deployed, and I am alive to tell the tale and make this post. I no doubt wouldn’t be otherwise.


Dad tells the story about how I would stand between my parents as a toddler in the car and do my damnedest to distract him as he drove. It’s a wonder I didn’t get all three of us killed. No seatbelts to be found, and our vehicle was a Chevy Corvair, derided by Ralph Nader as “Unsafe at Any Speed.”

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Seat belts weren’t required in automobiles until the late sixties. We kept those lap belts stuffed down behind the seats so we didn’t sit on them. That bad habit killed thousands needlessly.

I hate that dang Bobby Hopper tunnel! Seems like many folks get claustrophobic and hit their brakes when going through it. It’s an obstacle to highway safety. Crazy dangerous and totally unnecessary.

I remember in the mid-70s they wired cars so they wouldn’t start unless the seat belts were fastened. I knew of at least one family (she was my eighth-grade history teacher) whose son fashioned something out of a soda can to put into the seat belt latch and defeat the interlock. That son would go on to become an NBA referee, but that’s another story. Anyway, the ignition interlock requirement was so unpopular that it was eventually dropped.

As for the Hopper tunnel, they had two options: Tunnel through the mountain, or blast through it. Tunneling was cheaper and required disposing of much less rock, Besides, if I read correctly, McAdoo’s wreck was outside the tunnel, not in it.

I love the tunnel. Instead of hitting my brakes I go faster through it. If I was going 75 going in I’m doing 80 or 82 once I’m out of it.

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Cars and trucks are wrecking both inside and outside the tunnel. If folks can’t navigate the damn thing without driving crazy, they should be banished to Hwy 71.

During the alternative route selection process for I-540 (I-49) in the 90’s, several transportation Civil Engineers I worked with claimed the tunnel was unnecessary. The Hwy Dept wanted a tunnel somehow, somewhere, so design consultants included one. Go figure.

McAdoo’s wreck was reportedly around mile marker 35 in Crawford County. That’s roughly five miles from the tunnel, which is in Washington County.

That mile marker is somewhere in the vicinity of that straight stretch uphill northbound or downhill southbound around Chester.