Quick Story Following A&M Game

Took my 2 Grandsons and their Mom and Dad to the game and had a great time except for -well, you know. Anyway, walking back to the car, my oldest Grandson, Gabe 12, out of the blue said we would get them for sure in 2022. I took a few steps and then thought, “What did he say?” I asked him if we would have to waite that long. He said he hoped not, but in 2022 he would be the Hog QB and he was sure we would win.

He is QB on his Arlington Jr. High team and seems to be doing pretty well. Got see him play over the weekend and he seemed pretty good to me, but never trust a Grandparent on those things. Still, I thought it good for him to be thinking like that (and wanting to be a Hog). I praised his parents for rasing him correctly even in Texas.

It does the soul good to hear the grandsons talk about becoming a Hog. I have a 7 year old grandson that loves baseball and football and excels in both. He is already talking about going to school at Arkansas and playing baseball or football. He lives near us in Chattanooga and takes no gruff from kids that are Vol fans. He wears his razorback jersey to school on team pride day. Love those grandchildren.

BTW Jim - Thought about you this week since I’ve been in Denver since Tuesday. I’m writing this from the airport waiting on my flight back to Atlanta. Wish someday I could visit with you and Jeremiah when I’m in CO.

Now the heart of that story is pretty subtle. Grandpa is raising him right, too. He made the commitment to buy all of those tickets and get his grandson to the game. That’s a big part of this story. Good going, Jim!

I live close to DIA. Next time you are coming out, just let me know. Will meet you over there someplace or you are welcome here.

I told my wife this story. She loved it.