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I’ve been looking at the SEC West soccer standings all week and they’ve had us listed in third place even though our record is better than Miss State. Last night we won and are clearly in second but they leave us in third on the SEC site. Is there some kind of method used for soccer standings besides the record?

Alabama 6-0-0 18 17-1-1 9-0-0 8-1-1 0-0-0
Mississippi State 4-2-0 12 10-4-4 6-2-2 4-2-2 0-0-0
Arkansas 2-2-2 8 11-3-3 7-0-1 4-3-2 0-0-0
Texas A&M 2-3-1 7 9-5-5 6-3-2 3-2-3 0-0-0
Ole Miss 1-4-1 4 9-6-3 5-3-2 4-3-1 0-0-0
Auburn 1-4-1 4 6-6-6 5-3-2 1-3-4 0-0-0
LSU 1-2-3 6 9-3-6 5-1-2 4-2-4 0-0-0

Based on division record and not overall SEC record

PTS…3 for winning match, 1 for a draw.

The division record is used to determine division champions. The SEC record is used for seeding at the conference tournament, with the exception of the top two seeds that are reserved for division champions. Arkansas is the No. 4 seed at the tournament and Mississippi State is the No. 8 seed.

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Who is the D Champion in the East?

South Carolina and Tennessee were co-champions in the East.

So SC gets the higher T seed and the standings I posted are in the wrong order.

Yes, South Carolina is the No. 2 seed and Tennessee is the No. 3.

Matt, why do they show Vandy at the top of the East on the SEC site when they didn’t win it and have lesser points in Division and overall than SC or Tenn?

It is an error.

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