Quick Question on Athlete Medical Bills

Who picks up the tab for medical issues for college athletes? Do the have an insurance policy through the school? I use this as an example not because I think there is illegal LSU shenanigan’s going on, but I know on my personal Health insurance policy this would have cost me quite a lot out of pocket for going out of network. Can the school pay for a portion or all? I know we have also had athletes travel for specialist.

“LSU Coach Paul Mainieri said Jaden Hill, the Tigers’ junior right-handed pitcher from Ashdown, underwent elbow surgery in Los Angeles recently.”

The NCAA requires athletes to have health insurance policies. Some schools buy coverage for their athletes, some don’t. Beyond that, there is an NCAA catastrophic injury program that kicks in when the bills exceed $90,000.

They have deals with local hospital and doctor groups to augment coverages. You get to be the medical team of the Razorbacks to use in promotional materials, free advertising for free doctor visits.

They have recently changed hands. Physician’s Specialty Hospital is no longer the provider. UAMS and some docs in MANA are the care providers now.

I thought there would be something as my doctor in Fayetteville when I lived there was a, “Team doctor”. I was more wondering about when a player has an injury and goes somewhere that is obviously “Out of network”, like Jaden Hill did for his Tommy John surgery. I defiantly do not begrudge him going to see a specialist in California, but that has to be expensive and just didn’t know if the school could pay for that or the family had too.

thought most still used James Andrews in Birmingham for Tommy John but i don’t know if he’s still practicing or his students are now doing it across the country

If their coverage is with Blue Cross or one of the other major national insurers, it’s entirely possible the doc in LA is in network.

I’m told that those elite surgeons are proud to accept most major insurance to work on elite athletes. I know James Andrews does that. He is pleased to work on athletes and accepts their insurance.

Why? They get much publicity for helping a star (or even less than a star) than they do helping me or John Doe.

Good to see that my old friend Al Gordon is doctoring some of our Razorbacks again.

Al is excited to be doing this. Came at a good point in his life. Al was my doc for 15 years in Fayetteville. Close friend.

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