Quick Post-game tidbits...

Kingsley said he wish that he wouldn’t have done that.

Barford said nobody pushes around his team without him doing something about it and standing up for his team.

Monk said Zimmerman and the Arkansas players were talking trash to him before the game.

Monk also said that he throat slashed twice to indicate that the game was over, but that he has to learn from that and not do it again.

Calipari said he did not know about the throat slashes, but there was no time or no place for that and that he would speak to Monk. Said he didn’t see that during the game, but he did take Monk out late because it was getting heated and he didn’t want him getting hurt

Arkansas’ players really didn’t see the throat slashes so that didn’t start anything, but say there was a lot of talking from Kentucky - regardless of Calipari saying his kids showed total class throughout the game

Dusty said he was just trying to set a screen and got overzealous in the heat of the moment

Hahaha coach Slim saying his team showed total class, that made for a good laugh

Can’t wait for the next game in which Arkansas shoots better than 30% while Kentucky shoots worse than 60%.

That disparity (those aren’t real numbers, but you know what I mean) is what keeps these games from being close anymore.

Cal obviously gets his guys jazzed to play Arkansas, has done so ever since we had a run of success against them a few years back.

We can’t find a way to match their intensity. One part that hurts is how differently the game is called on one end vs. the other. I believe it takes the Razorbacks out of their game and leads to defensive lapses. We don’t score well when we aren’t getting many stops, and our misses + lack of boards feed into our defensive troubles.

You won’t win against any team when you fail to score! It was not what Kentucky did to win it was the hogs missing shots!
The careless turnovers in the first half lead to the most of the first half lead for Kentucky. We just could not throw the ball in the ocean.
The refs were just like they have always been. No surprise there. I’m tired of unsportsmanlike and flagrant fouls being one sided. The elbow to the head lead to Mosses getting the T. The throat slash was done by both Monk and Fox! Monk did it right in front of the ref! The elbow to Mosses head was right in front of the ref.
So if you let one team beat on the other you could say the refs are to blame also.
As for Greaseball “Cal” he is classless so his comments or opinion mean nothing. Cal has no integrity or morale values the resume of his career show just how much of a man he really is! And for those whom jump on his bandwagon they are just like him!

Cmon, for a sleazy guy that was class.

I will be the biggest fan for the team going against UK, I have came to dislike everything blue.

Comments: from my perspective Kingsley has to be willing to be the difference especially when the hawgs go up against really good competition at his position. He can’t get caught up in the bias officiating, and I don’t think he’s learned that yet. instead of sullen turn that negative energy to something positive and play tougher. I should also say I am glad Kingsley decided to return to us, where would we be without him. This team still have some basketball to play let’s bucket down and play one team at a time.

Kingsley needs to just be strong on defense. He will not be a factor on the offensive end! The flagrant on the turn in the Florida game has turned him into a fade away shot inside. He’s too soft on offense! If we can win one game in the NCAA tournament I will be satisfied. We will get the shaft against North Carolina.
Take that one to the bank. We are 1 to 2 years from the the elite 8 that’s my opinion.
This year I was hoping to end up anywhere but where we are! We got the short end compared to all SEC teams.

I don’t understand how South Carolina got a 7 seed and we get an 8 after we beat them at their place and they had tanked down the stretch. I’m sure I’m wrong, but don’t understand it.

Hannahs and Macon can’t make a trey. Then a plugger like Hawkins comes in and looks like Steph Curry with UK in foul trouble.

It’s games like those - over the many years - when the depth of blue-chip teams always shows up against the Razorbacks. Derek Willis had a career 3-pt % of 60% against us. He shot 40% against everybody else. Role player for them, would be a prime player on a lot of other teams.

But Hawkins going for a career-best 14 on us? With a career-high four steals? All I can think is Calipari knows how to get 'em jacked up to play the Hogs.

This game -
2pt % Arkansas 51%, Kentucky 53%
3pt % Arkansas 22%, Kentucky 38%
FT % Arkansas 75% (20 shots), Kentucky 88% (25)
Turnover margin +1
Offensive rebounding 22%, defensive rebounding 60%

Previous meeting -
2pt % Arkansas 45%, Kentucky 66%
3pt % Arkansas 25%, Kentucky 26%
FT % Arkansas 81% (21 attempts), Kentucky 70% (on 40 chances)
Turnover margin +1
Offensive rebounding 24%, defensive rebounding 57%

The second try was much improved, but rebounding remained the sore spot. UK erased many mistakes with offensive boards. Arkansas’s defense was at its worst during the last 10 minutes of the first half. When the defense was best, we couldn’t score.