Quick observations before watching the replay

Usually I would have watched the replay by now…but I am not sure I will be able to this time. Some observations anyway.

  1. AA plays fine when he isn’t getting massive pressure. The “bench AA” people out there…and my best friend who was at the game said there were dozens in his section…are just being silly. Austin isn’t playing as well as he did early last year. His confidence is down. But when he has time, he is still very good. Our best hope for a decent season this year…which is admittedly waning…lies on us being able to protect AA. He made some really good throws yesterday.
  2. The A&M team will always be full of great pass rushers as long as the current staff at A&M is there. That’s what they recruit. So I’m not shocked we had trouble pass blocking them. But are they really good at stopping the run…or were their stat’s misleading based on competition? If its the former, then our ability to run on them is a huge positive, and could lead to a better season than most of us probably went to bed envisioning. We ran the ball well yesterday. We added wrinkles…yes…but we can keep those wrinkles in. They weren’t one and done additions. I really loved the added Wildhog with Haydon and TJ. I was excited about the run game.
  3. Losing J-Red was a massive blow. I felt like we were doomed as soon as he went out. And I do think losing him may have tilted the game to A&M. That said, Nance really stepped up. Now we need his buddy Martin to get healthy.
  4. Didn’t know Devwah had been nicked all season. That explains alot. he had a burst yesterday though, and made a couple of folks miss. I think our RB’s played really really well. Haydon is special…and Williams is far better than I thought he would be.
  5. For the love of all that is holy, please establish the offensive line and leave them be. I am not sure Ramirez is the answer. Wallace clearly doesn’t have their trust. Not sure why Raulerson isn’t playing…maybe he still lacks strength. But the O-line’s run blocking was waaaay better…and the pass blocking still sucks. I am ready for CBB to lay down the law on a lineup. Anderson is on record saying they way he does it is to keep them on their toes by year round competition and moving people if need be. I think they need cohesion.
  6. THERE WAS A HOLD on the kick-off return. I know they also scored that TD. But to call Curl for holding on an underthrown ball and not call holding on the return…bullocks. The hold on the return was almost as obvious as the facemask on Calcagni against Texas in 1978. No hold, no TD on that play. And we probably win.
  7. I said before the season we needed a new free safety. Or dramatic improvement. I think we were actually getting better safety play in the first 2 games. But, and I can hear Frank Broyles in my head, “where-uh wuh the SAFEties” as we gave up two huge chunk plays from the LOS. Especially the Kirk TD on the scramble.
  8. A&M seemed to be waiting for our little stunt with Sosa looping behind the slanting NG and tackle. They gashed us repeatedly.

Anyway…losing sucks. AA is right. It sucks for the fanbase. It sucks alot more for the team and coaching staff. I think the offense looked infinitely better yesterday, and the return of a run game MIGHT…and I emphasize might…point to better outcomes in the future. C’mon Martin. We need you. And C’mon safeties. And right tackle.

On Kirk’s TD on the scramble: We were in man coverage, and for a few seconds we had everybody covered. But when Mond got out of the pocket, for some reason the DB let Kirk go. No idea why, or who. And Kirk adjusted his route so that Mond could find him. Good to him for that.

Swine, you’re right as usual… and again I haven’t re-watched like I usually do…but I assume we were in man-under. So there still shoulda been a safety. But you’re correct…in a scramble that does sometimes happen…and if the QB can get the ball to someone its often a TD.

On Mond’s long TD run we just lost option responsibility…again, I would think a safety shoulda been somewhere…I was impressed Liddell chased him down. Tolliver gave up…but Liddell came from about 6 yards back and caught him. Of course…he didn’t get him out of bounds…not really…but it saved a TD when the official blew the call.