Quick note to CCM

With the recruiting class you may be bringing to Fayetteville, Some of us might start believing, if you would quit with this crap:
***Morris repeatedly has said he will be creative in recruiting to awaken a program he calls “a sleeping giant.” Sleeping Giant… I am still awaiting the promise of the best DC hire in the country. I, like many hogs would appreciate the end of the “lost decade”. You could signal the end by teaching fundamentals and hiring assistants ready to get the job done.

Good Lord

Flying pig, fly away!

I’m curious - and noted this a week or so ago - what do you guys actually want these coaches to say when they first get hired here?

Something like “We have sucked, we still suck and we are going to suck.”

Or “I want to hire the worst defensive coordinator out there and then work my way up to an average guy.”


“I want to let this sleeping giant keep on sleeping.”

All coaches are optimistic when they are first get hired as they should be.

When things don’t go good, those words are the first to be jumped on.

Elmo is back! How quick was “Flying Pig’s” first post after elmo was kicked out? Could it just be a coincidence that one of elmo’s tired gripes (promising to hire the best DC in nation) was included in this attack on Chad. Very doubtful. I’m betting it is elmo trying to sneak back in.

The lost decade didn’t happen overnight and the reviving the program won’t happen overnight either. Keep the faith.

You are flying all right. That’s just crazy.

Fly like an Eagle,
uh er sorry
Fly like a pig in Florida

add one to the “foe” list.

Flying pig has been here before. Hit and run – shows up, posts a few things like this, then disappears for months. He’ll be back. Elmo won’t.

Time! You have to give a coach and his staff time. In 3 years if the gigs have 2-6 season at this point in the season grip then.
Chavis has went out and recruited a dynamite DL class. The recruiting gives me hope.
This is the best class I have ever seen. I hope they add to it with the visitors coming this weekend.
I have hope for our hogs to get out of the basement and climb back toward the top!
We all need to support our hogs!!!

Great analogy Army, but I don’t think Flying Pig is receptive to such logic.

Some people beg for the ignore button.


Chavis said he got back home from recruiting on Friday night at 3 am. I guess that could be Saturday morning. Got up at 5:30. I think restless is the term that I’d use for the DC right now. He does understand how to improve and it starts on the recruiting trail. And, no doubt, it starts with defensive linemen. The best thing that can happen in the SEC West is for defensive linemen to graduate right now. When I look at Williams at Alabama and Sweat/Simmons at Mississippi State, I am happy. Those three will be in the first 10 picks of the draft this summer. Arkansas still has to see the Mississippi State tandem next week, but that’s it.

Good grief…what an “elmo like” post indeed!!! It takes time man and with the recruiting class we currently have coming in and the chance to add several more highly rated players then that is a step in the right direction during a tough first season for this staff!!! Like someone said…TIME!!! I takes TIME if done the right way and it appears they are starting too with recruiting studs to THEIR system!

Another key to upward mobility in the SECW is good, experienced QBs departing - Tamu ( and all of thoses WRs) and Fitzgerald moving on give Arkansas a chance to vault the MS schools in 2019. Miss St also loses a ton of seniors this year.

Missouri losing Locke will also be huge. Perhaps we start changing the trajectory of that seriesin 2019.

We just have to start beating our fair share of the middle to lower part of the conference pecking order.

Recruit Recruit Recruit

He may not be receptive to logic but he should think before he pops the submit icon.
The hogs need to win enough for a coach to get establish and get the networking in place it takes to recruit at a high level.