Quick Luke Ford update

Ford and his father are driving back home from their Michigan visit.

Bielema and Ford had a long talk via text during the drive.

Ford told Bielema the Hogs are still in the running.


Well, what do you expect him to say?

He could say he has moved on and suggests Arkansas do the same, but he didn’t. Other recruits have no problem no longer listing the Hogs when they move on. This one didn’t do that, yet.

Uh, ok. I’ll rate our odds about equal to the odds that John Daly wins the PGA this year

And that’s ur opinion and post. He’s committed to Alabama now but just got back from visiting Michigan, anything is possible now days.

Unless I have missed something, Ford is not committed to Alabama. They are his “favorite” school per reports, but he is not committed to them. FWIW…

What’s important to take out of this-our coaches didn’t just throw in the towel. Get him or not, I like the effort.

Sounds like we may still be in the hunt you never know, he will no doubt have a better chance right now to win a championship elsewhere if that’s his main objective. If his objective is to go where he has the best opportunity to get to the NFL then I think he has as good of chance at Arkansas as he does anywhere and better than most, so I would think that he would still being looking at us as a fit for him. Good kid and good family, wishing them the best. WPS

Does he have a committable offer from Bama?

It is my understanding that, yes, he does have a commitable offer from Alabama. Per Luke Ford himself, he says that Saban told him he can commit to Bama at any time, hinting he’s their top choice, and they will wait on them. I know they will most likely only sign one TE in this class, and they are in the race for the top JUCO TE in the nation, Dominick Wood-Anderson. They’re also recruiting and have offered Glenn Bell out of John Curtis High School in Louisiana. The whole “he can commit at any time” could certainly change if one of the other TEs jumps on board. Saban has been known to not just not accept an offer but to kick you right off the bus. But you get a greyshirt offer for your troubles.

Pretty sure he will sign with Georgia.