Quick Barry Dunning update

He and his parents didn’t want to leave. They said it felt like home.


Really, really like Arkansas’ chances after the trip. Story coming.


I love it!!!

Thanks for the update.

Hard not to feel good based off his words.

So it feels like home. Great! Go ahead and make it so…. Become part of the family.

wow to be able to beat Bama for him would be Awesome!

Apparently down to Ark Ole Miss and Memphis and gonna decide end of June but I think he is ALL HOG!

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Bama and Auburn are not in his Top 3. Wonder if his family roots are around Memphis-Jackson geographic area. Ole Miss and Memphis should be no match to Muss for his signature.

A little strange Alabama/Auburn aren’t more involved.

Not real sure what the deal is but we will take him for sure.

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It looks like it’s Barry’s choice that they are not more involved. Aub and Bama were his first 2 offers and Auburn was his first visit.

Maybe he would like to broaden his horizons a bit so long as his family is ok with it. Since his family seemed to love the visit to Fayetteville, the coaches, and the University, it looks like the Hogs may be in the catbird seat. :crossed_fingers:

Here’s a link to a very good article about him, and his coach contacting him about the Gatorade player of the year award while on his Arkansas visit. He seems like a really good kid, in addition to a really good basketball player:


There was an article written by Brian Snow, a 247 national analyst at the time (now on staff with Penn State), in December that pointed out Dunning may be in for leaving the state/region. So, yes, there’s something to it.

(We need to remember that with our in-state kids; sometimes, kids just want to go experience something different)

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True. And we as fans, should not burn our bridges with them. Sometimes, the recruit(s) regret their decisions to leave and want to come back home (Sasha Goforth), or decide to decommit, (Maryam Dauda) and come back home. Both 5-star recruits.


Thank you for posting the article, greatly appreciated.

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many good articles relevant to us and more by 24/7 brian snow, the article referenced my Razorag was summer 2020 and is audio only from what I can find.

Apparently the kid also wants to be a doctor which would be predict good academic value for the Hogs

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FWIW, recent and past stories on Barry prior to his visit.


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