first good weekend with the two commits and knox listing us high.

  1. how many receivers do we want to sign? burkes is still out there and he’s as good as it gets. our receiver coach apparently is a great recruiter, my point we can’t have a class of 25 receivers. i read where another one is about to be offered. 4 or 5 wideouts in this class?

  2. i read about most of the coaches on the recruiting trail but 2 are mentioned less that others. lunney and cooper. what area is lunney recruiting, who are his main kids he’s on, and same with cooper.

so far i read most about the running back and wide receiver coach but the others have been mentioned more than a few times. Ive seen lunneys name mentioned once in an article (that i remember) and don’t recall seeing cooper mentioned. both have reputations as good recruiters.

thx in advance

  1. At least 3, maybe 4 - since three are going out the door after next season along with Kofi Boateng, who is having to retire because of injuries.

  2. Coach Lunney remains focused on the Arkansas kids, Memphis and some in Texas. Richard probably has a better feel for Coach Cooper, who has major knee surgery. He went from a scooter to a walking boot from last Saturday to this past Saturday.

They’ll take 3-5 receivers. Again it all depends who wants to come.

Lunney recruits River Valley, Little Rock, Tulsa, Oklahoma City. He obviously is heavily involved with recruiting TEs.

OLB Zach Marcheselli, DE Trace Ford, TE Hudson Henry and DE Zach Williams are just some of the ones off the top of my head for the 19 class.

Cooper is on Ath. Charvis Thornton, WR Treylon Burks, CB Gregory Brooks are some.

Here’s the recruiting areas for the coaches: … ing-areas/