Matt. Your response has primarily been…

“My email address is [email protected]. Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.”

How about answering their question in the thread where they are brought up so we all can see the answers? A lot of us have the same questions.


Because everyone has a different situation depending on their subscriptions to Scout, the magazine, newspaper, etc. If you’ll email me with your phone number, I will call you and work through your individual scenario. I don’t want your individual information in the open here and you don’t either.

There are a few dozen who are on this board now who will vouch for what I’m doing.

I’ll vouch for what Matt is doing. It’s called giving personal service to members that aren’t happy about not being able to log in. I sent him an email last night and got a call by 9:00 this morning. Matt had my issue taken care of in less than 2 minutes and answered about a dozen questions about the merger. He was receptive to a suggestion of a tutorial thread to guide everyone through the use of the new board.
I’m sure Matt has his hands full trying to help everyone get logged in first, and then he will get to helping everyone learn howto navigate the new format.

I will vouch for Matt too. I got a call from him within an hour of my email. He got my problem fixed right over the phone. It was also nice to talk to him personally. Love the personal service.