Is 11 Austin Aune? Noticed him running in the first rack with Kelley, both have the best throw hands down. Looks like Aunes spiral is a little tighter. My money is on him.

Is Deion McClure back?

Is Deon Edwards at LB?

Is Pettway changing positions to S?

Any insight would be appreciated, I know it’s only been one practice so who really knows. Just some things I gathered from the videos j watched.

Also, is there going to be an updated roster with new weights?

I’m not an insider, so I have no particular insight other than what I’ve heard from CCM’s videos. The only position change I’ve heard is Randy Ramsey working as a wide end on defense from outside linebacker. He’ll have two hands on the ground. Can’t help you with Aune, McClure, Edwards or Pettway. Kevin Richardson is back working out with the team while waiting word on having a sixth-year eligibility granted by the NCAA. As for the roster update with new weights, I think CCM said that may be out soon.

According to the Spring Roster Pettway is listed as WR and Edwards and McClure as LBs.

Getting Kevin Richards and Ryan Pulley back would be big for the defense.

UA is working on the roster now. It will have new weights. Austin Aune is wearing No. 17. He appears to be working out some mechanical things in his motion.

Other QBs:

15 Cole Kelley
11 Daulton Hyatt
4 Ty Storey
18 Jack Lindsey
14 Carson Proctor

Not sure who you are asking about, but Deion Malone and D’Vone McClure are both on the team and practicing.

I think they were trying to even things up for practice. There were not enough outside linebackers, or nickel backs.

Ok, Hyatt has put on some muscle. He looks good, I change my prediction, my money is on him. Beautiful arm and I know he’s mobile.

I know I’m late responding to this. It’s been a busy couple of days.

But, Jonathan Nance said today that La’Michael Pettway was running with the 1s at receiver. I’ve always been intrigued by him. He’s got great size - listed at 6-2, 224 on the spring roster - and was a standout in high school. Hopefully this offense provides more opportunity and brings out the best in him.

Yes he was very good in the scrapper orange. I got to watch him several times. I think Chad will do good things with him.